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WWE's Peyton Royce prepares bikini body for her first bodybuilding competition

PEYTON Royce has been busy honing her bikini body as the WWE star prepares for her first ever bodybuilding competition.

Real name Cassie Lee, Royce recently made headlines after being named one of three women WWE CEO Vince McMahon believes will be the face of the company in the future.

The Australia-born wrestler shared on her YouTube channel on Tuesday that she is training for her first ever competitive event.

After her morning workout, Royce announces in the video that her first meet will be next week on August 15 and that when it comes to body building she is a "novice."

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‘Dust yourself off & try again’.

A post shared by Cassie Lee (@peytonroycewwe) on

‘Dust yourself off & try again’.

A post shared byCassie Lee (@peytonroycewwe) on

Peyton also states that she will not be body building, she will be competing in "bikinis and all wellness."

In the video Royce reveals her daily training sessions, and posing practice, which she admitted "is hard."

Peyton is known for posting glamour and bikini shots on her Instagram but is currently undergoing a body transformation.

The normal full prep for the body-building/bikini contest is 12 weeks.

However, the wrestler is pushing her training to just three weeks.

The intense training comes after a run of good matches on WWE's RAW and Vince McMahon's praise on her current work.

Let me preface this by saying, this was not today’s workout! This was almost a week ago. I’ve had literally zero energy all week to even edit this & post it for you. But here we are on a Sunday & I’ve mustered up the energy to get 👏 it 👏 done 👏Tomorrow is the start of a new week & I hope you all smash your goals!!We were NOT messing around with this one! The workout goes like this…. oh also! I NEED to put @ferlanbaileyifbbpro through a crash course on filming 🤣 he is an IFBB Pro, but an absolute novice behind the camera hahah🦵 Landmine lunge w/ press x5 AND hold & press x 5. (4 SETS) 💪 Side lateral raise x 15 (4 sets) 🦵 Barbell RDL x 15 (4 sets) 🦵 Upside down TKE’s (this burnssss like you wouldn’t believe 🔥) x 15 (4 sets) Superset with.. 💪 Seated barbell press x 12 (4 sets) 🦵 Banded side step ups x 10 each leg (3 sets) Superset with.. 💪 Upright row x 15 (4 sets) FINISHER: TRIPLE SET⬇️⬇️⬇️ 🍑 Banded DB glute bridge x 15 Superset with.. 🍑 Seated band abductions x 15 Superset with.. 🦵 Calf raises x 20 4 SETS!!! And done! 💦💦🎶 Hall of Fame – The Script/ Will. I. Am 🎶

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Peyton grew up a wrestling fan and was able to try out for WWE when the company held tryouts in Australia in 2014.

By 2015, Royce was signed as an NXT trainee with her best friend and now tag team partner Billie Kay.

The IIconics made their main roster debut in 2018 by attacking Charlotte Flair on SmackDown.

Since then the IIconics have become fan favorites, winning the WWE tag team championships at Wrestlemania 35 and holding the titles for 120 days.

Husband appreciation post ❤️ Always making sure I’m smiling. So lucky 😍

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In 2019, Royce married fellow wrestler Shawn Spears, who currently performing in All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

Peyton has yet to announce the official competition she will be participating in.

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