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'Womaniser' cop 'who treated ex like "meat" told wife he was picking up steak when he murdered lover of 10-year affair'

A 'WOMANISER' cop who treated his ex like "a piece of meat" told his wife he needed to pick up some steaks when he allegedly murdered his lover, a court heard today.

Timothy Brehmer, 41, is accused of strangling nurse Claire Parry, 41, in a Dorset pub car park on May 9 after she sent a message to his wife revealing their affair.

The trial at Salisbury Crown Court has heard that the pair had been having an affair for more than 10 years.

In a statement read to court, Brehmer's wife Martha described how her husband had completed a night shift on the day Mrs Parry died.

She said that at about 12pm he said he was going to pick up some steaks he had left at work for a family barbecue planned that afternoon.

At 3.02pm, she received a message saying "I am cheating on you," which the trial heard was actually sent by Mrs Parry on the defendant's phone minutes before she died.

Prosecutor Richard Smith QC said Brehmer proceeded to suffocate his lover in the crook of his forearm as “the calamity was upon him”.

Brehmer, however, argues he was "simply robustly trying to get her out of the car".

Mr Smith said: "What happened in that car once the text was sent is what this trial is all about because in the coming minutes after that text was delivered Claire lost her life.

"He took hold of her totally around her neck, probably in the crooks of his forearms, for such a period that he could compress the life out of her."


Mrs Parry was said to be "angry and upset" with her lover, having found out just days earlier that he had had affairs with at least two other women.

The court heard how Brehmer charmed a series of mistresses from the emergency services and was dubbed "Mr Smooth".

One of those women, tearful DC Kate Rhodes, told jurors she "quickly fell in love with him" – but she finished the relationship when she found out he was married.

She said he later made her "feel like a piece of meat" by texting her while she was on holiday with her husband, calling her a "dirty b***h" and suggesting they meet for sex.

She also told how she was contacted on Facebook Messenger by Mrs Parry in the days before her death.

Ms Rhodes said they discussed Brehmer, calling him a "womaniser" and how he had conducted several affairs while married to his wife Martha, also a police officer.

The witness described him as "Mr Smooth" and wrote: "He is intensely charismatic and a real charmer, I thought we had a future until I found out about Martha.

"He scooped me up, put me on a total pedestal then broke me down again."

Mrs Parry, a mum-of-two, replied: "He is a total s***, he promised me the world then let me down.

"I was sucked in."

Ms Rhodes added that it was "cathartic hearing about his trademark ways and realising I was not his only victim".

Brehmer, 41, of Hordle, Hampshire, denies murder but has pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

The trial continues.


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