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Woman yelling 'white lives matter' in protest of BLM sign is hosed

Moment man drenches irate Texas woman with garden hose after she spends 30 minutes yelling ‘white lives matter’ in front of a BLM sign in the street

  • The bizarre confrontation took place in the Oak Hill area of Austin on Monday
  • The woman was in her car when she spotted a BLM sign in a yard
  • She stopped the car to scream ‘white lives matter’ for 30 minutes
  • A male resident eventually emerges to stop her and she gets out of the car
  • A tense standoff ensues where the man threatens the irate driver with a garden hose if she doesn’t get of his property
  • Neighbors filmed the moment she began to charge and tried to grab the hose before being pounded with water and falling to the ground twice  

A Texas woman outraged at a Black Lives Matter sign she spotted while driving past a stranger’s home was hosed down with water after she attempted to confront the sign’s owner.  

The unidentified woman had sat in her car in the middle of the street and screamed ‘white lives matter’ for 30 minutes before she and one of the neighborhood’s residents had it out. 

Video footage posted to Reddit on Monday captured the moment the woman left her car in the Oak Hill area of Austin only to be hit with water and fall to the ground. 

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A driver angered by a BLM sign in a stranger’s yard shouts ‘white lives matter’ for 30 minutes in the street before a man comes to hit her with a water hose to make her stop on Monday

The woman fell to the ground as she tried to grab the hose during the confrontation in Austin

The bizarre confrontation between the incensed driver and the man was recorded by another neighbor who later called out that she could call 911 as the woman continued to try and get at the sign owner. 

Much of the conversation between the pair can’t be heard in the 5-second clip but at one point before she advances, he tells her: ‘You’re on private property, I will spray you.’ 

‘If you spray me…’ she begins to threaten back but is immediately hit with the hose. 

As he launched the water at her she begins to charge forward but he steps to the side and she falls to the ground as the other neighbors watching laugh. 

‘Go home, girl,’ one says. ‘You’re going to lose that battle.’

She launches a second attack and manages to grab the hose but is felled again by the wet ground. 

‘Now I think we should call somebody,’ the neighbor says. 

This time staying on the ground, the woman tries to pull the hose away from the man but he continues to spray her full-force in the face with the water. 

The man first tells the angered woman to leave his property or his will spray her

The woman ignores him and tries to charge and grab the hose when he starts to spray

The irate women ends up taking a knee as she is pounded by water from the hose

‘Please stay off my property,’ he says again. ‘Get off my property.’

The  woman continues to argue and the neighbors say they will call the cops before the video ends. 

It is not know if the police were called or if the woman then left. 

After the video of the run-in went viral, the video’s posters set up a GoFundMe to help with the water bill after the spray down. 

‘Some people wanted to pitch in on the water bill. Percentage of all donations will go to BLM,’ they wrote. 

It has raised $100 as of Tuesday afternoon.  

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