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Woman accused of cutting baby from slain teen recently lost son

The woman who allegedly slaughtered a pregnant teen and ripped the baby from her womb had recently lost an adult son and showed pictures of the man to her victim as she strangled the girl to death, prosecutors said on Friday.

The possible motive emerged as Clarisa Figueroa, her 24-year-old daughter Desiree and boyfriend Piotr Bobak appeared before a judge a day after they were charged over the death of Marlen Ochoa-Lopez, 19. They were all ordered held without bond.

Figueroa apparently wanted to raise another child after her adult son died of natural causes last year, authorities said.

The prosecution said Figueroa shocked family members back in October when she was announced she was pregnant despite having her tubes tied.

She reportedly kept up the ruse by sharing an ultrasound photo on social media in December.

She also joined a Facebook group for moms where she posted photos in February of a decorated baby room and crib.

In the post, Figueroa said she named her baby Xander — the same name as her late son who died of natural causes last year when he was 20, according to Assistant State’s Attorney James Murphy.

Prosecutors said Figueroa used the Facebook group again to connect with Ochoa-Lopez — allegedly luring the pregnant teen to come over to her house on April 23 by offering her free baby clothes.

When Ochoa-Lopez arrived, Figueroa showed the teen a photo album of her late son before strangling her to death with a cord, prosecutors alleged.

Prosecutors claimed the mother-daughter duo then slashed open the teen’s stomach and removed the baby boy.

The tot was still in the hospital Friday in grave condition, police said.

Figueroa and her daughter are charged with murder, while Bobak, 40, faces charges for concealment of a crime.

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