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Woman, 32, who filmed herself performing sex acts in Tesco for £200 is jailed

A WOMAN who filmed herself performing sex acts in a Tesco for £200 a video has been jailed.

Tiffany Barrett sent the clips to her paedo boyfriend Christopher Shaw, who paid her before sharing them online.

The vile 32-year-old filmed herself in a Tesco changing room and other places where children were present.

Her sickening actions were discovered when an online child sex exploitation investigation team found one of her clips.

They also found Shaw had a horrific stash of extremely graphic child sex abuse images.

Barrett has now been jailed for 16 months after admitting causing a child to witness a sexual act.

She will be made to stay away from activities involving children when she is released and will be placed on the sex offenders register.

Shaw was also jailed for 16 months for making Category A, B and C images of child abuse, possession of extreme pornography and causing a child to witness a sexual act.

Darren Whitehead, prosecuting, told Stoke Crown Court: "Barrett admitted she sent these videos to a man she knew as Chris.

"She states he would ask her to make videos of herself in unusual places, including the changing rooms at Tesco.

"He would pay her via PayPal and he once paid her £40 for a pair of old, dirty socks."

But Barrett's lawyer claimed the ex-drug addict, who had a modelling career at the time, had "no knowledge" the videos would be shared and said her life has "collapsed" as a result.


The court was also told she saw the footage as a "way of making quick money" while she dreamed of joining the army.

Sentencing the pair, Judge Paul Glenn said: "Shaw, you exploited the fact that your co-defendant had a drug addiction.

"Barrett, you claim your cocaine use at the time clouded your judgement. The motivation was financial.

"I'm told you're no longer using drugs. Shaw, you accept you accessed sexual images of children for your own gratification.

"You seem to forget that these are real children being abused and are often damaged for the entertainment of people like you.

"This was predatory sexual activity."


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