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Witness reveals ‘there was no barking – just screaming’ as woman was mauled to death by pack of ‘frenzied’ dogs in park | The Sun

THERE was "no barking, just her screaming" when a woman was mauled to death by a pack of dogs in a park, witnesses revealed.

The victim, 28, tried to keep onlookers away as she attempted to fight off the animals, they added.

One horrified witness told the Daily Mail: "There was no barking, just screaming. She was being attacked.

"She was trying to sit up but with the dogs around her and going for her arms she couldn't do it. It was a frenzy.

"Most of them may have been still on their leads. They were tangled round her, meaning she couldn't stand.

"It was impossible for them to get away, so in their frenzy they just went for what was in front of them."


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Paramedics battled in vain to save the gravely injured 28-year-old who was set upon moments after one of the pets bit another woman out walking her dog.

Police seized the eight animals — none of them banned breeds and including a powerful Leonberger and two Dachshunds — and they were in police kennels last night.

The victim, a Londoner who has not been named, had taken the animals to a popular dog walking spot at Caterham, Surrey, on Thursday.

It is understood one of the dogs of which she was in charge bit another woman — who was discharged from hospital after treatment — before turning on her, followed by the rest.

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Two horse riders found her as she lay dying. One said: “That image will haunt me for a long time.” 

Cops cordoned off the Gravelly Hill area while forensic work was carried out. No arrests have been made.

One local said: “She just had too many dogs. You cannot be in control with that number of dogs. 

“They were in a frenzy, acting as a pack of small wolves and going for whatever was in front of them.” 

 Lesley Hoffley, 62, who lives near the attack site, said: “This has really shocked me and my husband.

“It’s left the community feeling anxious and, of course, heartbroken for whoever this young lady was.” 

Richard Bream, who runs nearby The Mardens kennels, said: “Professional dog walkers often turn up here in their vans. You see some with five or six dogs. I’ve always thought they shouldn’t be able to do that.”

Colin Tennant, of the Canine and Feline Behaviour Association, said an “adrenaline rush” among the dogs may have triggered the attack.

He said: “The high energy of a fight situation can redirect more aggression back into the melee.

“Possibly the dog walker has lost balance and has been targeted. 

“When energy gets up in a situation like that, inter-pack fighting can take place and dogs can bite anyone, even if they are trying to help.”

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He went on: “Some dogs can potentially decide to focus on a group leader which could’ve led to the tragedy. Unless the dogs are highly trained, walking any more than four at once is not recommended.”

Police said the dogs involved had been captured and were in kennels while the incident is investigated.

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