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Wild footage shows squirrel wielding a KNIFE in backyard as neighbor jokes rodent was 'sharpening his teeth'

A KNIFE-WIELDING squirrel gave a Canadian woman a fright the other day when it showed up in her backyard brandishing the weapon as it inched closer to her door.

Andrea Diamond caught the armed and dangerous squirrel in her Toronto backyard on January 6, showing the bushy-tailed rodent nearing her glass-paned doors while chewing on the blade.

Diamond captioned the video "So apparently knife wielding squirrels are a thing now…."

"He was just gnawing on it, happily," Diamond told the Toronto Sun. "Maybe he was sharpening his teeth on it, I haven’t seen that before."

The Canadian woman said the nut-loving rodent had grabbed a paring knife she left outside near a tent she had set up for social-distancing.

"We have a lot of squirrels in our backyard," she said.

"I noticed he had something blue in his mouth and I did a double-take and then I realized it was a knife," Diamond continued. "I started filming."

The knife wasn't the only thing the squirrels have claimed.

They also took some of her hand sanitizer she kept outside.

"They’ve eaten through it and maybe taken some away," she said.

Diamond joked: "they’re trying to be COVID conscientious, too, I guess?"

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