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Who is Anthony Walgate's mum Sarah Sak?

THE MUM of Anthony Walgate, the first of Grindr serial killer Stephen Port’s four victims, has just received an apology from Met boss Cressida Dick.

She has been critical of the police's handling of the case over the past few years – so who is she and what happened to Anthony Walgate?

Who is Anthony Walgate's mum Sarah Sak?

Sarah Sak lives in Hull and is the mother of 23-year old Anthony Walgate who was serial killer Stephen Port’s first-known victim.

Fashion student Anthony was found dead outside Port’s flat in Barking, East London, in June 2014.

Sarah said she told police 12 times she believed Port had murdered her son before he was finally investigated and found guilty, according to the Mirror.

Despite her pleas over her son’s death from an overdose of date-rape drug GHB, she was repeatedly told there was “nothing to investigate” .

Although Port was eventually given eight months’ jail for lying about the circumstances around Anthony’s death, he was still not suspected of killing him.

By then he had already gone on to kill Gabriel Kovari, 22, and Daniel Whitworth, 21. And after his release, the body of his fourth victim 25-year-old Jack Taylor was found.

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She has previously slammed the police for being "homophobic" after they failed to link the deaths of the four young men.

Sarah said it had “given her nightmares” knowing the three could have been saved if police had listened.

Her book, A Life Stolen: The Tragic True Story of My Son’s Murder, is also due out next year.

Sarah said: “It makes it easier to heal knowing it’s finally all out there – what the police missed – even though we knew it all along.

“I got off my chest what I wanted to say to Cressida. Ant would have been proud."

What happened to Anthonoy Walgate?

Stephen Port was found guilty of the murders of four men and Anthony Walgate was his first victim.

He was a student who had dreams of being a famous fashion designer.

Living away from his family home in Hull, he occasionally worked as an escort through a website called Sleepyboys to earn some extra money.

It was there he was contacted by Port, who offered him £800 for an overnight job.

Anthony was then found dead outside Port’s flat in Barking east London on June 19, 2014 after being given a fatal dose of GHB.

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