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We don't want constant tests and passports for every new virus – otherwise we'll forever be prisoners

Short term fix

THE Government is right to explore mass rapid testing, and even limited domestic use of vaccine passports, to speed our return to normality.

A series of trial events with crowds, leading up to the FA Cup final next month, will gauge their usefulness.

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Then there is the prospect of a new one-shot vaccine which could open up events and foreign travel for all.

It could be a particular boon for the under-40s, who might be reluctant to wait for the two-dose vaccines when holidays abroad could be allowed as early as July.

We have reluctantly backed vaccine passports in the short-term if they help get our lives on track and encourage hesitant youngsters to get a jab.

But what of the longer term?

We know we are going to have to learn to live with Covid.

But we don’t want constant tests and vaccine passports for every new virus or flu.

Otherwise we will forever be prisoners.

Putting it write

THE extent to which our children have suffered from lockdown is becoming clearer.

There are fears more than 200,000 kids could leave primary school this summer without basic skills.

Children’s Commissioner Dame Rachel de Souza warned as much in this paper last month when she called on all of us to say how the pandemic has affected school pupils and what they need for the best chances in future.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson knows he has to make education catch-up a priority.

A “lost generation” is not inevitable, but it is going to take a huge national effort to prevent it.

The work has to start now.

Sort it out, Priti

IT is nine years since odious Qari Abdul Rauf, part of the Rochdale grooming gang, was caged for his crimes.

Nearly six years ago he was told he faced deportation upon release.

So how on earth has the Home Office left him free to brazenly walk the streets of the town he haunted, seemingly without a care?

It must add extra urgency to Home Secretary Priti Patel’s efforts to sort out the mess that is our deportation system.

Hip hop hooray

WE’VE had the first step out of lockdown.

The second step next Monday should see the re-opening of pub gardens.

But the quickstep back to normality will come in September when Strictly Come Dancing returns for a full run, including the Blackpool trip, after last year’s curtailed series.

Now that’s a real shot in the arm.

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