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VIDEO: Man thrown into air with by his pet dog in Kansas City

Man’s best fiend! Moment pet owner visiting his friend is dragged off porch and ten feet across the lawn after his dog chases a couple of local mutts

  • A man was visiting his friend with his pet dog in Kansas City on September 10
  • As the man inspected his phone his pet ran off after a pair of local dogs 
  • He was pulled off the porch by the dog landed some 10 feet down the lawn  

A man visiting his friend in Missouri suddenly found himself being dragged from the doorstep and dumped unceremoniously on the lawn by his own dog. 

The man, who has not been identified, visited his friend in Kansas City on September 10, along with his pet dog. 

As the man checked his phone while waiting for his friend to come to the door, his pet, which was on an extendable leash, spotted the other dogs and set off in hot pursuit. 

The man was visiting his friend with his pet dog in Kansas City, Missouri, when he was dragged from the porch

While he was not paying attention to his pet, the man was dragged after his dog

Moments later, the man had fallen down the steps and continued to be dragged across the lawn by the dog

As the line got to its maximum length and suddenly went taut, the dog continued his pursuit, to the owner’s shock. 

He was pulled off the porch, landing around 10 feet away on his side on the lawn. 

And his humiliation was caught on video by this friend’s Ring doorbell. 

According to the householder: ‘My friend was over with his dog and decided to take him on a walk. 

‘He got back to my house and was browsing his phone right before he was about to open the door and head inside. 

‘He wasn’t paying attention and his dog went after another dog. 

‘The flex lead let the dog get too much speed, and when it reached its max length my friend went flying.’ 

The footage was captured on his friend’s Ring door camera which was later uploaded onto the internet

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