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VIDEO: Man threatens fellow driver with his Alsatian in road rage row

Moment furious driver hauls German Shepherd out of his car and chases terrified man round his van during road rage argument

  • The angry motorist threatened a van driver using a snarling German Shepherd
  • Footage of the incident in Ipswich, Suffolk, has been shared widely on TikTok
  • The van driver was running around his vehicle to escape the terrifying dog 

An angry driver threatened a fellow motorist with his German Shepherd dog during a bizarre road rage incident. 

The footage, which was shared on TikTok this week, was filmed on Wherstead Road, Ipswich, around 7.30am on April 30.  

In the video, the man in a hi-vis jacket is filmed arguing with another motorist and his passenger in the middle of traffic in the morning rush hour.

A man threatened a van driver with a German Shepherd dog during a road rage incident in Ipswich, Suffolk

The angry motorist wearing a Hi-Viz jacket uses his snarling dog to intimidate his rival

The young van driver ran around his vehicle in an effort to put distance between himself and the dog

The men walk over together to inspect the Ford Transit van that belongs to the other driver.

However the man in the hi-vis jacket returns to his own car and hauls his huge German Shepherd dog by the collar out of the vehicle.

He ambushes the other motorist with the hound and chases after the petrified driver with the barking dog.

The van driver is followed around his vehicle by the other motorist and his snarling dog.   

The clip has divided TikTok viewers – with some social media users claiming the use of the dog in the road rage incident as cruel.

Moments before the dog was introduced, the men walked over to the Transit to inspect the van

One said: ‘Poor dog being dragged round like a rag doll’.

Another agreed: ‘Don’t rate that, poor dog. Fight your own battles silly little man.’ 

Other users were simply stunned that the man brought out his dog in the fight.

One stunned individual remarked: ‘I thought he was getting a hammer but he pulls out the dog’ 

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