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VIDEO: Call of Duty player is robbed at gunpoint in real life

A real-life shooter! Gamer is robbed at gunpoint as he plays Call of Duty and the terrifying moment is captured on his live stream

  • Helio Negreiros was playing Call of Duty at his home in Vinhedo, Brazil 
  • Two armed raiders burst into his home demanding cash and valuables 
  • He said he was most concerned about the safety of his pet dog Lilly Pinscher

This is the moment a video gamer falls victim to an armed robbery that was live-streamed on the internet. 

Video footage shows how 36-year-old gamer Helio Negreiros was the victim of a robbery carried out by two armed men as one suspect grabs him by the neck and points a handgun at his head.

The two men entered the rural property in the Brazilian municipality of Vinhedo, in Sao Paulo province, search of money and items of value on June 1. 

As Mr Negreiros was busy blasting away enemies and life steaming events on his YouTube channel, he did not notice two gunman enter his house. 

One of the raiders places a gun to Mr Negreiros’ temple.  

Helio Negreiros was playing  Call of Duty and streaming the game live when he found himself facing two armed men at his home in  Vinhedo, Sao Paulo

The raiders demanded Mr Negreiros to hand over cash and valuables 

Speaking after the robbery, Mr Negreiros said he was most concerned about this pet dog

They can be seen in the footage taking the victim, who was playing a live video game on the internet at the time, by surprise and demanding money from him.

He said he most concerned about his pet dog who could be heard barking frantically in the background. 

A CCTV camera captured the raiders carrying off some electrical Another camera shows them taking electronic devices from the property during the raid. 

Helio told the news site G1: ‘They took cash, jewellery, valuable crockery, portable devices, tablets, two mobile phones, and other things.’

The robbers placed the victim in a room while they stole items from the property. He managed to call the police while he was being held in the room.

He added: ‘I’m just not going to rest until everyone involved is behind bars.

‘All social media, military and local police are with me helping to unravel the mystery.

‘We’re not going to be silenced. We will die fighting for what we think is right.’

He added: ‘If I hadn’t been calm in the extreme, I could have lost my life.

‘However, what I cared most about was my pet, Lilly Pinscher.’

The chilling raid was broadcast live on the gamer’s YouTube page.  

Officers arrived on the scene 40 minutes later when the perpetrators had already fled, and they had to break down the door to reach the victim, who registered the crime with the police on June 3. 

Mr Negreiros said he wanted the police and the military to use social media to try and track down the raiders

A nearby property was also targeted by the two men. A female resident, who wished to remain anonymous, told local media how they entered the house and demanded money.

In addition to the woman, a couple and four children were in the property at the time of the break-in.

She told G1: ‘They wanted money. They said they didn’t want the television, they didn’t want anything.

‘In the end, they ended up taking a load of things from the house, but what they really wanted was money.’

According to the police, the men entered both properties by cutting a hole in the surrounding fences.

The police are investigating both cases.

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