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Unvaccinated Arizona mom gives birth while in COVID-induced coma

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An unvaccinated Arizona woman gave birth to her son three months early while she was in a coma and battling a serious case of COVID-19.

Kassidy Hazelton, 37, was put into an induced coma in a Tucson hospital just days after testing positive for COVID-19 in early May, Fox10 reports.

Doctors have since told her that she likely had a fungal infection in her lungs before she contracted COVID, which put her more at risk.

Her family gave doctors permission to deliver her son, Kash, via C-section on May 31 while she was still in the coma amid fears they would both die.

“They kept the baby in there as long as they could but I wasn’t getting better and in order for me to survive, or even him, they had to take him out,” she told the outlet.

Hazelton said she chose not to get the COVID vaccine because it was her first pregnancy and she was unsure of any potential side effects.

She now says she regrets that decision.

“I am all for admitting that I was wrong,” she said.

“Mothers need to take this seriously … protect yourself and your baby because it can, and it will kill you. It tried to kill me.”

When she was eventually brought out of the coma, Hazelton thought she was still pregnant.

“It took me a few days to realize what happened,” Hazelton said, adding she wasn’t immediately able to meet her son.

On a GoFundMe page she set up, Hazelton added: “COVID has wrecked my first pregnancy and I was very close to death. We’re very lucky to be alive.”

Her newborn son will remain in a neonatal intensive care unit at least until his scheduled due date on August 20.

He has had blood transfusions and heart murmurs since being born, Hazelton said.

The new mother, who said she was hospitalized for a total of seven weeks, is still suffering from shortness of breath.

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