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Undercover police give chase to drug dealers in high-speed pursuit

Tense moment undercover police give chase to drug dealers in high-speed pursuit after they spot officer’s badge when he approaches their car

  • Ant and Nick chase suspected drug dealers in clip for Channel 5’s Traffic Cops
  • They almost meet the boys but they recognise the officer’s badges in their hand
  • After identifying them, police are sent on a chase through residential streets
  • Is due to air on October 28 and will show one of UK’s most prolific criminals

Two policemen reveal the tense moment they chased two suspected dealers into a car park and they noticed their police badges and sped off.

Ant and Nick Lovatt park their car as one of the officer’s heads towards another vehicle in the exclusive clip for Channel 5’s Traffic Cops due to air on October 28.

One of the men can be heard greeting the alleged dealers and the clip jumps to him talking the viewers through the nerve-wracking final moments.

Ant and Nick Lovatt (pictured right) wait to meet two suspected drug dealers in a carpark before the alleged criminals notice Horsley’s police badge and speed off

He noticed one of the men looking at him and his police badge in particular.

Moments later, he can be heard saying something similar to ‘hop on the door’ as his Nick watches on from the passenger seat.

A revved engine comes seconds after and the two officer’s are forced to tail the group of brazen youths in their car, somewhere in Derbyshire.

The group’s car disappears up the road and drives through a red light as they make a narrow escape from the police.  

A car then turns right and blocks the two officer’s from their pursuit in the nail-bitingly tense clip.

 The two Derbyshire officers feature on this season of Traffic Cops. The programme has been running for more than a decade and is presented by DJ Jamie Theakston

As the car goes charging down the residential streets, one of the officer’s points out the youth walking down the pavement.

They make a drastic stop as one of them runs out and pulls them down – as the suspected dealer yells ‘what have I done?’    

Derbyshire Police deal with a showdown in Scarborough, one of the county’s most prolific offenders who have been convicted more than 100 times, 19 violent arrests and a criminal’s rampage in a York pub. 

Moments after Ant’s police badge is spotted by the alleged dealers, the pair of officers are forced on a chase as the car makes a hasty exit and through the residential streets

The car finds a space in front of a house and the officers spot them immediately. Lovatt jumps out of the car as it comes to a stand-still and leans into their car to grab them

This series will be following officers from Derbyshire and particularly law-breakers under 25.

Near Ripley, an uninsured van fails to stop in this season of the Channel 5 documentary.   

Traffic Cops has been running for more than a decade and is presented by DJ Jamie Theakston.



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