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Truck carrying more than 130 million bees crashes in Montana

A truck carrying about 133 million bees crashed off the side of a road in Montana on Monday, sending swarms of buzzers into the air as rescue crews arrived, a report said.

The semi-truck with 40,000 pounds of bees inside careened off a street in Bozeman, Mont. and flipped over as it was heading to North Dakota from California, according to KTVQ-TV.

The assistant fire chief told the network that the presence of so many bees caused a conundrum at the crash scene.

“We had to do some stabilization to the truck since it is on its side and it was leaking fuel,” the assistant chief, Brian Nickolay, said.

“We just took the best precautions we could as far as safety for our guys. We went really in our full structure fire gear, including our self-contained breathing apparatus packs so kind of minimize and reduce the risk of being stung at that point to our guys.”

A beekeeper told the network that 40,000 pounds of bees is roughly equal to 133 million bees.

The two men in the truck were not injured. It was not clear on Monday night, if the bees were recovered.

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