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The secrets to ScoMo’s miracle win

How a consummate salesman with a simple message engineered one of the greatest come-from-behind wins in Australian political history – as intimate photos give a rare glimpse into the inner circle of Scott Morrison’s victorious campaign

  • Scott Morrison had a near faultless campaign to take the Coalition to victory in Saturday’s federal election 
  • The relentless campaign had a laser-like focus on selling it’s message of a ‘fair go for those who have a go’ 
  • Mr Morrison was front and centre throughout in the lead up to the election with his ministers rarely seen 
  • Intimate photos taken throughout campaign reveal the behind-the-scenes support of his wife and children 

Scott Morrison looked jubilant as he stood in front a cheering crowd on Saturday night and claimed victory for the Coalition in the 2019 Federal Election.

‘I have always believed in miracles,’ he told those gathered, adding that the ‘quiet Australians’ had ‘won a great victory tonight.’

But behind the miracle was an almost faultless campaign – and a devoted family.

The foundations of Mr Morrison’s stunning come-from-behind victory were largely built on one key factor – the prime minister’s ability to sell a simple message: ‘Fair go for those who have a go’.

Throughout the campaign, Mr Morrison was front and centre. 

Prime Minister Scott Morrison shares some time with his daughter Lily in the green room before his campaign launch in Melbourne 

Prime Minister Scott Morrison with wife Jenny on the Central Coast during the election campaign 

Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s wife Jenny and daughter Abbey taking a selfie on the lawns of Kirribilli House 

Prime Minister Scott Morrison with a group of Indigenous kids at an event in Melbourne  

His ministers were rarely seen as Mr Morrison took it upon himself to explain the Coalition’s policies and vision for a third term.

It was effectively a one-man show.

Some pundits considered it a risky strategy but Mr Morrison – a former chief of Tourism Australia – is a consummate salesman.

And he didn’t make any mistakes – there were none of the clangers that bedevilled his opponent Bill Shorten, who was caught out over the cost of his climate change policies and how long it took to charge electric cars.

Mr Morrison also had the common touch, mixing easily with locals in pubs and shopping centres in marginal electorates.

But most of all, Mr Morrison never gave up, working tirelessly throughout the campaign with an unwavering belief he could prevail.

And behind the scenes, three ‘quiet Australians’ in particular helped in his ‘miracle’ victory – his wife, Jenny, and two daughters Abbey and Lily.

They were there at every step of the election campaign, providing him with support and establishing him to the Australian public as a devoted family man.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison arrives at Sporties pub in Launceston and meets and greets the locals before trying his hand in a pool competition 

Prime Minister Scott Morrison on a phone call in his office in Melbourne during the election campaign 

Prime Minister Scott Morrison reads through his campaign launch speech in the green room while his wife Jenny gets their girls ready before the campaign launch in Melbourne 

Prime Minister Scott Morrison doing a radio interview in his hotel room in Adelaide during the campaign 

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    During a gruelling five-week campaign that saw him frequently in pubs, RSLs, and sports clubs – his wife, Jenny, was by his side. 

    All the while, Mr Morrison positioned himself as a man who understood and would look after ordinary Australians.  

    In an interview during the frantic closing days of the 2019 election campaign with, Jenny Morrison said her husband’s softer side was the one thing that may not come across to the Australian people. 

    ‘They might not get to his humour, his softer side. Like his girls, you know, they’ve got him wrapped around their little finger. So people don’t get to see that. I think they might find him a bit harder, maybe, because they don’t get to know him,’ she said. 

    As for the hectic schedule of campaigning – much like being thrust into the role of first lady – Jenny Morrison has taken it in her stride. 

    ‘I love meeting Australian people. I love going around with Scott and meeting the most fabulous people. I think that’s about the main back of it. I like people,’ she said. 

    Prime Minister Scott Morrison walks back to greet a family who were waiting there to see him at Devonport Airport in Tasmania 

    Scott and wife Jenny share a brief moment of relaxation during a hectic campaign schedule 

    Prime Minister Scott Morrison with his wife Jenny on their way to a football funding announcement in Launceston 

    Prime Minister Scott Morrison hugs his mum Marion before the campaign launch in Melbourne 

    The couple’s two daughters Abbey and Lily arguably found it a little tougher to be away from both their parents during the campaign. 

    ‘They’re handling it really, really well. But they do miss Scott. They want their dad around a little bit more. And that’s the life of the campaign trail. It’s crazy, it’s busy, I’m away a little bit more, and that’s been the difference, I think. It’s one thing for Dad to be away, but when Mum’s away as well,’ Jenny said of their daughters. 

    Perhaps when Mr Morrison said he believed in miracles he was also referencing he and his wife’s 14-year struggle to have children.

    After multiple rounds of failed IVF treatments, Jenny fell pregnant naturally at the age of 39 with Lily and then again with second daughter, Abbey, also naturally. 

    Prime Minister Scott Morrison with local candidate Sarah Henderson playing Lawn Bowls in Victoria 

    Prime Minister Scott Morrison runs along and high-fives kids during the Channel Seven Telethon event in Perth 

    Prime Minister Scott Morrison hugs his daughter Lily at his election launch rally in Brisbane 

    Prime Minister Scott Morrison runs through his speech before heading out for his election pitch to the Australian people 

    Mr Morrison and Jenny are high school sweethearts, having met when the pair were both 16 in Sydney’s southern suburbs – where they both grew up. 

    After five years together, they married at 21-years-old, around the time Mr Morrison was graduating with honours from the University of New South Wales with a Bachelor of Science degree in economic geography. 

    As a devout Christian, he considered further studies in Theology at Regent College in Vancouver, Canada, but instead joined the workforce – getting a job with the Property Council of Australia. 

    He worked at this job from 1989 to 1995 while living in Sydney with his young wife.   

    Prime Minister Scott Morrison with his wife Jenny and daughters Abbey and Lily at the NSW Liberal Launch at Sydney Olympic Park 

    Mr Morrison hugs his daughters Abbey (left) and Lily (right) and his wife Jenny smiles 

    Prime Minister Scott Morrison with his wife Jenny and daughters Abbey and Lily in Canberra on the night of the 2019 budget announcement 

    Prime Minister Scott Morrison shares a laugh with his mum Marion and daughter Lily with Perth based politician Ben Morton in his hotel room in Melbourne in the final week of the election campaign 

    After Mr Morrison’s time at the Property Council of Australia he then moved into tourism – working in leading roles for various government agencies until eventually being appointed head of Tourism Australia in 2004. 

    Having previously run campaigns for the New South Wales Liberal Party, it was after leaving Tourism Australia that he entered federal politics.  

    Throughout his ascent through the ranks of the Liberal Party, his family, religion, and his support for his beloved Cronulla Sharks have been at the forefront of his public image. 

    He was recently named the Sharks number one ticket holder and he and Jenny are prominent members of the nearby Horizon Church based in Sutherland – a massive hall resembling a lecture theatre that can seat 1,000 worshippers. 

    Prime Minister Scott Morrison delivers his speech after calling an election and gets a hug from Parliament House cleaner Anna Jancevski after his speech as she wishes him well 

    Prime Minister Scott Morrison with wife Jenny and kids Abbey (far left) and Lily at the Royal Easter Show on Easter Sunday 

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