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Tate Modern plunge boy, 6, can move his legs and kiss his parents again after he was ‘thrown off 10th floor – The Sun

A BOY allegedly thrown from the tenth floor of London’s Tate Modern can move his legs, be taken outside and kiss his parents again.

The six-year-old fractured his spine, legs and arms and suffered a bleed to the brain when he was hurled off a viewing platform but has hugely improved.

Previously the French mum and dad of the lad – who they dubbed their “little knight” – said he could only smile to communicate.

But recent developments mean he can go outside in a wheelchair and show love for them by giving them kisses.

A GoFundMe page set up to help them that has raised nearly £120,000 revealed the good news.

His parents said: “We would like to share with you some good news of our little knight.

“He is making lots of progresses. We can now bring him outside in a wheelchair to breath fresh air.

“It's tiring for him but he really likes it, of course. He's very smiling and he laughs a lot again.

“He begins to move his legs since a few days, just a tiny little bit but it is really wonderful to see…! And just since today, he manages to make real kisses. It warms our hearts so much…

“Thank you all of you. We hope we will give you other good news as soon as possible.”

The news is a marked improvement on the last update on the boy’s condition.

In September his parents said he could not understand why he was unable to move, swallow or talk.

He had been on holiday visiting the world-famous gallery on August 4 when the nightmare unfolded.

The youngster was allegedly thrown from the tenth floor of the building, with eyewitnesses claiming his mum had tried to climb over to rescue him.

Mark Welte, a San Francisco writer, said at the time: "The child's mother then tried to climb the rail. I restrained her and pulled her back.

“Mothers desperately grabbed their own children as chaotic scenes unfolded at the popular tourist attraction.” Jonty Bravery, 18, has been charged with attempted murder.

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