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Stimulus checks for $3K are being given out to teachers in some states as hazard pay

SOME states have given stimulus payments of up to $3,000 to teachers as hazard pay.

As the new school year begins amid the latest Covid-19 surge, at least three states have offered cash incentives to teachers returning to the classroom.

Georgia has handed out $1,000 bonuses to teachers and other education employees to recognize their dedication throughout the pandemic.

The payments went out earlier this summer as a thank you in the state, which still has a Covid vaccination rate of only about 42 percent.

Tennessee also paid educators across the state $1,000 for full-time employees and $500 for part-time.

This came after the state took away a 2 percent pay increase from teachers in June.

Teachers in Michigan made out the best.

Those who worked inside school buildings received up to $3,000 in hazard pay.

Other teachers and support staff received $500 checks.

These came in addition to the other stimulus checks and benefits that were offered to people across the US.


Most recently, eligible American families began receiving monthly checks due to the expanded Child Tax Credit.

The first checks went out on July 15 and will continue to go out on the 15th of every month for the rest of 2021.

The monthly checks can be up to $300 for each child under six and up to $250 for each child between the ages of six and 17.

 The next payment is scheduled to go out on September 15.

The monthly payments can be managed with the IRS' online portal where you can check the status of each installment.

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