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States sue Biden admin for allowing wave of ‘criminals and human traffickers’ into US in border crisis

TEXAS, Arizona and Missouri are suing the Biden administration for allowing "criminals and human traffickers" into the US as the migrant border crisis continues, reports say.

These states apparently didn't appreciate Biden reversing Donald Trump’s Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), which sometimes forced asylum seekers to live in camps while their cases are processed here.

The president began allowing the migrants enrolled in this program to come to America while their situation was being looked at from February as he relaxed Trump's "remain in Mexico" policy.

Now, attorney generals in Texas and Missouri allege that Biden is responsible for the surge of illegal immigrants and crime in their states, reported the New York Post, citing lawsuits filed on Tuesday.

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich tweeted: "We just filed a lawsuit alleging the Biden Administration illegally halted construction of the border wall and improperly rescinded the 'Remain In Mexico' policy.

"The border crisis is out of control. We will not sit idly by as harms are done to our state," he added, with a link to a lengthy statement on the matter.

In court documents, Brnovich claimed these hard-hit migrants "crossing into our country" have a devastating impact on the environment," per the Post.

The lawyer said each border crosser "leaves approximately six to eight pounds of trash in the desert" and said it's "imperative that we do everything we can to try to address the crisis at our border."

He went on: "When I look at what is happening in our desert, when I look at the record amount of people crossing illegally into our country, I can’t help but know that this is having a devastating impact on our community.

"But it’s also having a devastating impact on the environment.

"The trash [they leave] could be anything from human waste, to backpacks, to drugs, to plastic bags," ‘And this trash, in and of itself, is a threat to wildlife and natural habitat."

The increased population could also trigger pollutants like "carbon dioxide, and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, which directly affects air quality," he warned.

More than 70,000 migrants enrolled in the MPP program were sent back to Mexico for months to years under Trump.

Texas’ lawsuit alleges that Biden's new policy changes are "arbitrary and capricious" and motivated by "meritless asylum claims."

These court documents claim the Lone Star State is now dealing with more "organized crime and drug cartels prey on migrant communities and children through human trafficking, violence, extortion, sexual assault, and exploitation."

Likewise, Missouri’s suit alleges that Biden's decision has strained their resources because's the state is a "destination and transit state for many human traffickers."

It reads: "Indeed, irresponsible border-security policies that invite and encourage human traffickers to exploit vulnerable border-crossing victims irreparably injure Missouri and other states."

The states want Biden’s January 20 order to be disregarded.

Texas attorney general Ken Paxton said: "President Biden could immediately remedy the influx of crime pouring across our border by reinstating the Migrant Protection Protocols.

"Dangerous criminals are taking advantage of the lapse in law enforcement and it’s resulting in human trafficking, smuggling, a plethora of violent crimes, and a massive, unprecedented burden on state and federal programs for which taxpayers must foot the bill.

This trash, in and of itself, is a threat to wildlife and natural habitat.

"We cannot allow this lawlessness to destroy our communities any longer. President Biden must act."

The Biden administration said the president took steps to reverse Trump's "chaotic, cruel and confusing" policies to create "a pathway to citizenship for the nearly 11 million undocumented immigrants" living in the US.

Biden and VP Kamala Harris fomed a task force to reunited migrant children with their families and presented a "three-part plan for safe, lawful, and orderly migration."

A White House statement said this involved finding out the causes of the migration surge, collaborating with foreign governments, international organizations, and nonprofits, as well as reviewing the MPP program.

After thr executive order, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released a statement which read: "Today, DHS is announcing the suspension of new enrollments in the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) program. 

"Effective tomorrow, January 21, the Department will cease adding individuals into the program.  

"However, current COVID-19 non-essential travel restrictions, both at the border and in the region, remain in place at this time.  

"All current MPP participants should remain where they are, pending further official information from U.S. government officials. 

It noted that people outside of the United States "will not be eligible for legal status under the bill President Biden sent to Congress" on Janurary 20, which apply only to people already living in the USA.

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