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Speedy bird flying at 28mph triggers traffic camera in Germany

Stop the pigeon! Speedy bird flying at 28mph triggers traffic camera in Germany

  • The feathery speedfreak tripped a speed trap in the west German city of Bocholt
  • The antisocial avian was caught on speed camera doing 45 kph in a 30-kph zone 
  • Authorities won’t chase the fine as they can’t be bothered to interview witnesses
  • The bird was hardly breaking a sweat – pigeons have been clocked over 90 mph 

This is the pigeon that triggered a speed camera when it was clocked flying at nearly 30 mph in a low-speed zone.

Now German cops have jokingly issued the bird with a fine.

The speedy bird was caught in Bocholt, a city in the Western German state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

This pigeon was caught by a speed camera in the western German city of Bocholt, flying at 45 kph in a 30-kph zone

According to the Bocholt city authorities, the pigeon was flying at a speed of 45 kph (28 mph) on a street where only 30 kph (18.6 mph) is allowed.

The bird was caught on film in February, but the picture has only been shared now by the city authorities after police worked out what had triggered the speed camera.

After taking 3 kph (1.9 mph) off from the tracked speed as a correction prescribed by German laws, the bird was still going 12 kph (7.5 mph) too fast along the street, earning it a €25 (£21.50) fine.

But Bocholt city authorities let the bird off the hook and will not oblige it to pay up.

A city spokesman said: ‘Whether the speedy bird wants to pay the €25 fine, and above all how, remains an open question.

‘However, the city authorities do not want to launch a survey of possible witnesses.’

But the antisocial avian was hardly breaking a sweat, according to Britian’s Pigeon Control Resource Centre.

Its website says that pigeons fly at an average speed of 77.6 mph (125 kph) at altitudes of up to 6,000 feet – but the fastest recorded was doing an astounding 92.5 mph (149 kph).

The hardy little birds can cover 600 to 700 miles in one day. 

This pet dog was caught by a speed camera going to the loo on the pavement last year in the nearby German town of Moers when the Volkswagen behind it broke the limit

The Bocholt pigeon is not the first ever bird to be caught on a speed camera.

Last year, a speed camera in Koeniz, a town in the Swiss Canton of Bern, captured a duck flying 13 mph over the limit.

The duck was flying at 52 kph (32.3 mph) in a 30-kph (18.6-mph) zone, with the speed camera likely being triggered by the bird flapping its wings.

A municipal spokesman joked: ‘It is unclear where the fine should be sent.’

In Switzerland, drivers breaking the speed limit by that margin face criminal charges

Last year a speed camera in Moers, in the same German state as Bocholt, somehow managed to capture a dog depositing its mess in the pavement while out for a walk instead of the speeding car behind it.

A police spokesman said: ‘Whether the heap was cleaned up is not known to us,’ but didn’t say if they got a clean view of the car’s licence plate. 

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