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Serial brake puller has been ruining subway commutes for ‘several years’

A subway scoundrel has been terrorizing the city’s already beleaguered underground — possibly for “several years” — by pulling the emergency brakes on trains during peak hours, MTA Chairman Pat Foye said Wednesday.

At the MTA’s weekly board meeting, Foye said the mysterious transit troublemaker struck as recently as Tuesday night along the northbound 2 line.

“Based on train data and reports from employees, we believe there is an individual or a group of individuals who are systematically gaining access to subway cars, pulling the emergency brakes and then fleeing to the tracks, getting on the next train and then repeating the process,” he said.

He said the MTA has been reluctant to give out more details “given the potential for copycats.”

The MTA said the 2 and 3 lines were both targeted on Tuesday.

“We suspect someone has intentionally disrupted thousands of commutes on the 2/3 lines today by activating multiple trains’ emergency brakes,” the MTA tweeted. “If you see any suspicious behavior, please @ or DM us details ASAP, including car #, so we can get trains back on schedule.”

But while the post made it sound as though it was a one-off, Foye made it clear that’s not the case.

“This is not an isolated incident and may have been happening for several years,” he said.

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