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Seagull pecks at car windscreen in attempt to eat a box of chips

Hilarious moment a seagull tries to peck at an open box of half-eaten chips on the other side of a car’s windscreen

  • Dashcam was recording as the seagull landed on the bonnet at the Dorset coast
  • The hungry bird tried to peck at the tasty chips but kept hitting the windscreen
  • It struggled to understand why it couldn’t eat the treat that seemed so close 

We all know how it feels to look longingly through a shop window at its tasty treats inside.

And now this poor seagull has experienced the same heartbreak after trying and failing to eat chips through a car window screen.

The hilarious footage was filmed on a windy day on the Dorset coast.

The car’s dashcam was primed as the seagull came in to land on its bonnet.

Invitingly, the driver had left an open takeaway box of half-eaten chips on the dashboard.

Immediately the seagull, a bird particularly known for its penchant for one of Britain’s favourite seaside snacks, wanted to dive in.

But its efforts were thwarted by the thick pane of glass separating the bird from its tasty bounty.

The bird pecks at the window with its beak in an attempt to nab the box of tasty treats

After trying and failing to reach the box of chips, the seagull looks away forlornly from the car’s dashboard

The seagull pecks at the windscreen with its beak and appears confused as to why it can’t reach the chips.

After a second unsuccessful attempt at nabbing the chips, the seagull turns its head away forlornly.

The mischievous bird will have to look elsewhere to indulge in the snack. 

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