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Russia: Trump-Putin call was ‘at the initiative of the American side’

Trump’s call with Putin lasted almost 90 MINUTES and came ‘at the initiative of the American side’ says the Russian embassy after Trump admitted he never asked about election meddling in 2020

  • Trump said Friday that he had spoken with Putin for ‘probably more than an hour’ but admitted to reporters he didn’t warn him not to meddle in the 2020 election 
  • Said Putin ‘smiled’ as he talked about allegations of collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russia because he knew ‘there was to no collusion whatsoever’
  • Russia’s embassy now says the call was nearly 90 minutes long and that the White House requested it 
  • White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders says Trump has ‘made clear to everybody’ that foreign interference in American elections is not acceptable
  • ‘The president’s been clear that no one needs to meddle in our election. He doesn’t need to do that every two seconds,’ she contended

Friday’s call between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin lasted nearly an hour and a half and came at the White House’s request, according to a statement from the Russian embassy in Washington.

The call came ‘at the initiative of the American side,’ the embassy said in a Facebook post.

Trump had said the call lasted ‘probably more than an hour,’ but had not explained how the call was arranged.

The conversation instantly made news when he told reporters in the Oval Office that he had not warned Putin not to interfere with America’s elections in 2020.

‘We didn’t discuss that,’ he told the press as he met with Slovak Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini.  

The FBI has cautioned that there is a good chance of a ‘significant counterintelligence threat’ engineered by Russia to monkey-wrench next year’s presidential election.

President Donald Trump said Friday that he had spoken with Vladimir Putin for ‘probably more than an hour’ but admitted to reporters he didn’t warn him not to meddle in the 2020 election

Moscow’s embassy in Washington now says the discussion lasted nearly an hour and a half, and that the White House initiated it

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told the state-run TASS news agency that ‘[t]he conversation between Trump and Putin lasted for almost 1.5 hours.’ 

Putin asked Trump to take ‘steps to ease the sanctions pressure on North Korea,’ according to the embassy’s readout.

That came after his April 25 meeting in Vladivostok with the hermit country’s didcator, Kim Jong-un.

Putin said Pyongyang had achieved ‘good-faith fulfilment of its commitments’ to the U.S. related to denuclearization, which ‘should be accompanied by reciprocal steps.’

A day later, North Korea launched over the Sea of Japan what satellite images suggested was a short-range missile, spooking nations along the Pacific Rim. 

Trump has boasted that there had been no new rocket launches since he and Kim first sat down for a summit in June 2018.

A statement Saturday from the North Korean government said it had tested a ‘large-caliber long-range’ rocket, putting it in the category of ‘tactical guided weapons’ meant to ‘increase the combat ability’ of the totalitarian regime.

The Russian embassy also said Putin told Trump that neither nation should interfere in the increasingly violent shakeup happening in Venezuela.

‘[O]nly the Venezuelans themselves have the right to determine the future of their country,’ the statement said Putin told the U.S. president, ‘whereas outside interference in the country’s internal affairs and attempts to change the government in Caracas by force undermine prospects for a political settlement of the crisis.’

Trump told reporters on Friday that his Russian counterpart is ‘not looking at all to get involved in Venezuela.’

This statement issued by the Russian embassy in Washington contains a readout of Friday’s call from Moscow’s point of view

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said the opposite – that ‘hundreds, if not more’ people from Moscow are helping Nicolas Maduro’s communist regime. 

Trump said Friday that Putin ‘smiled’ during their telephone conversation, even though they couldn’t see each other, when the topic turned to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on 2016 election meddling.  

‘He actually sort of smiled when he said something to the effect that “it started off as  a mountain and it ended up being a mouse”,’ Trump said. ‘But he knew that because he knew there was to no collusion whatsoever.’

The U.S. president admitted that he did not tell Putin not to meddle in the next election, despite White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders’ earlier claim that Trump is ‘looking at ways to actually prevent it’ unlike his predecessor. 

President Trump described his lengthy phone call with his Russian counterpart as a ‘long and very good conversation’ 

White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders insisted Friday that the Trump administration is taking aggressive steps to prevent future election meddling by Russia

At the White House later, pressed Sarah Sanders, the president’s spokeswoman, to explain why Trump declined to tell his Russian counterpart to not interfere in the next election.

‘The president’s made clear to everybody: every person that’s not an American person has no business in our election. We’ve said it a lot, and we’re actually doing things to prevent everybody from meddling in our election. Something the other administration failed to do,’ she claimed. 

Sanders said, ‘Let’s not forget that any interference in any election didn’t take place under this president, it took place under President Obama. We’re actually taking steps to stop it and make sure that it doesn’t happen again.’

Pressed to explain why he did not tell Putin that during the call, she replied, before walking away, ‘The president’s been clear that no one needs to meddle in our election. He doesn’t need to do that every two seconds.’ 

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