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Post-convention polls show no significant gain for Trump among voters

Washington: A slew of new polls taken after the Republican and Democratic conventions shows Joe Biden continuing to hold a significant national lead over Donald Trump two months out from the US election, even as the contest remains close in several key states.

The series of polls from respected outlets released on Thursday (AEST) show Biden with a national lead ranging from seven to 11 percentage points over Trump, a margin most experts believe would almost certainly deliver the Democratic nominee victory if replicated on November 3.

US President Donald Trump has hoped that violence in places like Kenosha, Wisconsin, would boost his re-election chances.Credit:AP

Trump remains dominant with white voters who do not hold college degrees, evangelical Christians and those who live in rural areas.

The latest polls contrast with an Emerson College poll released late last week showing Biden leading Trump by just two percentage points, down from four points a month earlier.

Both Democrats and Republicans remain sceptical of polls following Trump's shock victory in 2016 — even though the polls were highly accurate at a national level.

So far, Biden has retained a more consistent lead than Hillary Clinton and polls show far fewer voters say they are undecided about which candidate to support.

An Emerson College poll released late last week showed Joe Biden leading Trump by just two percentage points.Credit:AP

For example, a Morning Consult poll following the 2016 conventions showed 17 per cent of voters were still undecided; that figure is now at just 6 per cent.

There have been relatively few high-level polls of the battleground states in recent days, although Morning Consult found Biden leading in nine of the 11 they surveyed.

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