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Police officer becomes internet star after gaining 34k followers in two days

A COP has become an internet star after sharing some saucy snaps on her Instagram.

Officer Ana Maria Arias, who works at the Bogota Police Department in Colombia, has gained 34,000 followers in just two days after posing the pictures.

Arias shared the pictures to her Instagram followers, which have grown to a whopping 156,000.

In one snap, Ana appears to wear a motorcycle cop outfit complete with a helmet.

And in another, she wears a fluorescent yellow police vest – but with the logo blurred out.

Local media report that there has been no statement yet on what her colleagues think of her social media profile.

But social media users were wowed by the snaps.

One wrote: “What a beauty!”

Another said: “Arrest me, my love.”

While one joked: “The Divine Law.”

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