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Piers Morgan slams 'media silence and hypocrisy' over Hunter Biden's laptop and says 'imagine if it was Don Jr'

PIERS Morgan blasted "media silence and hypocrisy" for "suppressing" the Hunter Biden email scandal – and said "imagine if the story was about Donald Trump Jr."

During his Tuesday interview on "Tucker Carlson Tonight," Morgan said that real journalists don't allow personal bias to affect their reporting.

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He emphasized that reporters have a duty to investigate claims thoroughly and criticized big tech companies for censoring the New York Post's bombshell "Ukraine, crack, and sex" scoop.

"Imagine if we switched the names around," he said. "Imagine if the story was about Donald Trump Jr and Donald Trump. What would be happening?" he said.

"Do you think that the tech giants would be suppressing the story would the mainstream media be ignoring the story and say that it's all just an unfair smear on the Trumps?"

The he co-host of "Good Morning Britain" in the UK noted that it was a journalist's duty to thoroughly look into a story, even if it challenged their own biases.

"[I]t doesn't matter what side you're on here. Journalism, freedom of speech, dictates – the First Amendment dictates – that when a story like this drops," he remarked.

"And it's not being denied by the people it's accusing for six days now, clearly there is something there that they want to hide.

"The job of a newspaper, of a television network, of anybody, frankly, in the media, who believes in freedom of speech and believes in journalism is to go and investigate the allegations the New York Post has made."

The newspaper published an email that allegedly revealed how Hunter introduced his father to a Ukrainian businessman, Vadym Pozharskyi, when Joe Biden was Vice President.

Republicans claimed Biden pressured officials in Ukraine to fire a prosecutor investigating Burisma, an energy firm Pozharskyi was an advisor to and Hunter Biden was on the board of.

Biden's campaign has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing regarding his son's dealings in Ukraine.

After the story broke, Democratic Rep Adam Schiff of California questioned whether it was a Russian disinformation campaign.

But the FBI, Justice Department, and Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe don't think the laptop is part of a Russian disinformation campaign, according to Fox News.

Meanwhile, Morgan also commented on Twitter and Facebook censoring the Post's initial article, which detailed the emails, pictures, and videos found on Hunter's MacBook Pro.

Morgan said this was an "instinctive reaction" to censor elements of stories and it was politically motivated.

He described himself as a "liberal" – but the English TV host blasted what has become of left-wing politics.

"What is going on when liberals want to attack and suppress freedom of speech?" he added, describing it as a "conspiracy" to bury the story.

"If Joe Biden was to win does he think the story goes away? Of course it doesn't," he said, calling on the former Vice President to speak openly about it, rather than dismissing it as a smear campaign.

The Post's story detailed emails relating to Hunter's Ukraine dealings, along with "compromising" pictures and videos of him allegedly smoking crack and having sex.

Their source was Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who insisted he was tipped off by Delaware MacBook repairman John Paul MacIsaac.

Giuliani said MacIsaac made copies of the hard drive – which included a video that appears to show Hunter smoking crack while engaged in a sex act – because he was "afraid of the consequences."

The Trump-supporting computer repairman handed over the device to the FBI and reportedly gave a copy of the hard drive to Giuliani's lawyer.

MacIsaac, 44, said Hunter had not returned for the water-damaged laptop he left in to be repaired and he felt uncomfortable with what he found.

The feds were reportedly investigating whether the explosive data leak two weeks ahead of the election is linked to a foreign influence operation.

"Let me be clear: the intelligence community doesn’t believe that because there is no intelligence that supports that," Ratcliffe said of the Russia disinformation claims.

"And we have shared no intelligence with Adam Schiff, or any member of Congress," he added.

"Unfortunately, it is Adam Schiff who said the intelligence community believes the Hunter Biden laptop and emails on it are part of a Russian disinformation campaign."

Last week, the New York Times reported that Russia was using Giuliani to spread disinformation and undermine Biden.

One of Giuliani's questionable contacts in Ukraine is Andrii Derkach, a politician the US Treasury believes to be a "Russian agent."

Despite his ties with the Kremlin, Giuliani has openly met with Derkach, who posted photos of them in Kyiv on social media.

Derkach claimed on Friday that another device belonging to Hunter was given to Ukrainian police.

He claimed the second laptop was used by "two representatives for the interests of [Burisma founder Mykola] Zlochevsky," reported The Daily Beast.

Twitter users reported issues when attempting to share a link to the Post’s report that Biden was seen "smoking crack during a sex act" in a video revealed along with emails that allegedly showed he did introduce a Ukraine executive to his dad Joe, when he was vice president.

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