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People from 33 countries bought Gov. Cuomo’s bizarre COVID-19 mountain poster

ALBANY — Nearly 40,000 orders from 33 different countries have been placed for copies of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s bizarre coronavirus victory-lap poster after it was unveiled earlier this summer.

Cuomo’s office tallied 35,434 orders as of Wednesday, with orders from all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C.

People from Europe, the Middle East and from countries as far away as Australia and Japan purchased the $11.50, 22-inch-by-28-inch painting — which state officials claim they’re making no a profit on as the poster, is being produced “at cost.”

“Someone in New York bought a poster and had it sent to family in Croatia. Someone in India bought a poster for family in New York,” said a source close to the governor.

The third-term Democrat revealed the artwork in July, showcasing the political poster’s intricate mapped out COVID-19 crisis in painted form.

There’s a huge virus test swab stuck up a mini Cuomo’s nose, a bottle of state prison-made hand sanitizer and a gaggle of health care and other essential workers hauling themselves up the “coronavirus mountain” with a rope.

There are signs depicting the “boyfriend cliff” — emblematic of when his daughter Maria Kennedy-Cuomo’s beau came to the governor’s mansion in Albany for family dinner — and an inscription reading “111 Days of Hell,” signifying Cuomo’s daily virus-related press briefings.

It’s the second weird poster from Cuomo this year, after he commissioned a wacky seascape depicting his third term in office.

The poster design was paid for by the governor’s campaign.

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