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Pentagon UFO report is 'complete whitewash' & 'proves coverup' as it fails to rule out aliens, say conspiracy theorists

UFO enthusiasts visiting the mysterious Area 51 base have blasted the Pentagon's report as a "complete whitewash."

The US government this week admitted they could not explain 144 sightings of flying objects spotted since 2004.

In the much anticipated document, officials said that despite not finding any evidence the UFOs filmed by navy pilots were aliens, that "explanation can't be definitively ruled out."

Following the release of the report, alien conspiracy theorists have slammed the US government for allegedly hiding the truth from the public.

The Mirror spoke to several people near the Area 51 base in Nevada – where many people believe American authorities are hiding spacecrafts from another planet.

Misty Ingram, 40, of the Alien Research Centre located near the base, said: "They know full well what is out there, but they refuse to tell us the truth.

"It’s a complete whitewash. They want to feed us information bit by bit, to walk us into the water gradually, so as not to spark hysteria."

Area 51 has been at the centre of UFO conspiracy theories for decades with alien-enthusiasts believing the alleged wreckage from the infamous Roswell Incident is stored there.

On July 8, 1947 the Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) in New Mexico distributed a press release claiming they had recovered the remains of a “flying disc” which had crashed in the desert.

Unsurprisingly, the news made headlines across the country yet the very next day the US Army backtracked and released a second statement claiming the recovered object was actually a weather balloon.

A late relative of Misty, whose family are originally from the UK, worked at the top secret Area 51.

Misty claims he once hinted he believed in life outside our planet. She said: "He would never confirm if asked directly, but said he would have to kill us if he did."

While the government does not disclose what operations take place at the base, it is believed the military test experimental aircraft there such as the futuristic-looking Stealth Bomber which was developed in the 1970s.

But due to the sensitive nature of the work there, only high level military bosses and the US President know exactly what goes on at the base.

The Mirror spoke to other conspiracy theorists in the nearby town of Rachel about the recent Pentagon report.

Noel Garrison, 51, from Idaho, who was visiting the area for a third time, says the report shows there is a cover up.

He said: "Clearly they have something to hide – why else would they be so shady?

"We had hoped the report would at least validate what many of us believe – that aliens do exist – but either they are too damned afraid to let us know or they want to keep us in the dark."

Gregory Monaghan, also 51, from Minnesota, said: “I expected no less. It is a shambolic waste of taxpayer money.”

"We all know life beyond Earth exists. Why not just tell us the truth that other beings have found our planet? I have no doubt they are living among us now."

In 2019, the mystery of Area 51 almost proved too much for a small band of enthusiasts who organised a plot to storm the base.

Yet, despite the movement dubbed 'They Can’t Stop All of Us' garnering more than one million likes on Facebook – only 150 people showed up.

And not one person attempted to break into the facility which is heavily guarded with helicopters and gun-wielding soldiers.

The Pentagon's report has only explained one single sighting – a deflating balloon.

In the nine-page document, 144 sighting of "unidentified aerial phenomenon" (UAP) were examined after being reported by pilots.

Yet, despite the vast array of unexplained flying objects captured over the years, the US government was only "able to identify one reported UAP with high confidence."

The report stated: "In that case, we identified the object as a large, deflating balloon."

That case was put down to "airborne clutter."

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