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Parents’ horror as baby boy dragged out of campervan by bloodthirsty dingoes

The parents of a baby snatched by a dingo have told of their horror as they woke up to hear him screaming.

Luke and Sarah Allister have broken their silence on the ordeal after they travelled back to the scene of the attack on Fraser Island in Queensland, Australia.

The couple – who have until now remained anonymous – described how they found 14-month-old Hunter in the jaws of a dingo.

Luke and Sarah had gone on an Easter camping trip with baby Hunter, their four-year-old daughter Harper and Sarah’s mother, Shaurne Keast.

But in the early hours of Friday April 19, their holiday became a nightmare when they were woken by a startling cry.

Sarah told 60 Minutes: "His cry went from being inside the camper to outside.

"I don't know what went through my head, I just sat up and said, ‘Luke he's outside!’”

Luke ran out the campervan and towards his son's cries but he was shocked by what he saw as he found him in the jaws of a wild dingo, being dragged towards the bush.

“That’s when a pack of them circled me and they were getting more cocky," he said. “They were getting closer.”

Luke wrestled the baby to safety where the horrified young family found he was serious injured having suffered multiple puncture wounds to his head and neck, and a fractured skull.

“There was a lot of blood," Luke said.

Sarah adds: “I remember his cries just starting to fade.

"I honestly that when we got there he wouldn't be there."

Shaurne's call to emergency services also features in the programme .

She said she struggled to speak to the operator as the phone kept dropping signal.

She is heard saying: "We're on Fraser Island, a dingo has dragged the baby from the campervan.

"There's dingoes everywhere."

Emergency services flew Hunter to hospital at about 2.30am and then transferred him to a specialist children's hospital in Brisbane for surgery.

The family have told how the little boy is in a stable condition and recovering well.

The brutal attack was the third so far this year at Fraser Island, visited by 400,000 tourists annually, and the ninth in 20 years.

The Environment Department said 40 rangers were sent to patrol the campsites in the wake of the attack but people are calling for more to be done.

The 15kg dogs have been described as highly capable predators and are often unafraid of humans, raiding eskies and campsites for food scraps.

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