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Out-of-control horse injures three people by ploughing into them while galloping down busy high street – The Sun

THIS is horrifying moment a horse gallops through the street and seriously injuries an elderly woman.

The out-of-control horse ploughed into three tourists, including the OAP, and leaving two others with minor injuries in the Huangshan City in eastern China yesterday.

In the footage, the horse clatters the pensioner as shocked onlookers run to her aid.

She can be seen next to a stretcher as good Samaritans and a nurse appear to look after her.

The horse was shot dead by armed police after authorities failed to bring it under control.

Gunshots can be heard ringing through the town in the video.

In a clip, the horse's carcass can then been in a pool of its own blood.

The horse was used for wedding ceremonies when it darted off, local media reports.

Authorities said the horse got frightened but it is unclear what spooked it.

The horse’s owner was arrested.

Local media reports the case is being investigated.

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