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Onyx John: TikToks of bullied Year 8 trans boy who died by suicide

Onyx John: Disturbing final TikToks of bullied Year 8 trans boy who took his own life aged 13

  •  Onyx had recently changed pronouns to he/him
  •  Vicious school bullying led to taking his own life
  •  For confidential support call Lifeline on 13 11 14

A transgender boy who took his life after being bullied at school shared disturbing posts on TikTok in the weeks leading up to his tragic death.

Onyx John, 13, uploaded his cartoon drawings on TikTok ten days before his body was found by his mother at the family home in Beaudesert, Queensland.

The Year 8 student shared a clip with the words, ‘Please no hate because my body actually looks like this,’ alongside cartoon figures covered in self-harm injuries.

Onyx’s family said he had used social media as a ‘safe space’ away from bullies, but they nevertheless had concerns he was learning about self-harm methods online.

Daily Mail Australia has chosen not to publish the contents of Onyx’s TikTok account, which is still online.

‘Social media was a safe space for him to be himself,’ Onyx’s sister Ivy said.

‘But I did worry it was a place he was researching and getting ideas to self-harm.’

Onyx John (pictured), a 13-year-old transgender boy who took his life after being bullied at school, shared disturbing posts on TikTok in the weeks leading up to his tragic death 

Onyx’s family said he had used social media as a ‘safe space’, but they nevertheless had concerns he was learning about self-harm methods online. (Pictured: Onyx with his sister Ivy)

Onyx had only recently begun identifying as a boy rather than as a girl named Rose. 

Ivy says her family tried desperately to have him admitted to Logan Hospital emergency department on six occasions – the most recent time being three weeks before his death.

A discharge letter seen by Daily Mail Australia noted hospital staff had reviewed Onyx for suicidal ideation.

‘Onyx was reviewed by the mental health team and discharged to continue with community support via the mental health care plan,’ it said.

His family told Daily Mail Australia he had been viciously bullied by students at Beaudesert State High School, in the state’s Scenic Rim region, after he started using he/him pronouns rather than she/her.

Onyx’s bullying began in primary school but worsened once he began identifying as a boy earlier this year.

‘The kids at school wouldn’t accept it. The students would taunt him in front of everyone,’ Ivy said.

‘It got so bad he would be shaking if he was forced to go to school.’

The classroom taunts allegedly moved online with fake accounts that pretended to be Onyx emerging and harassing other students.

Onyx was found dead by his mother at the family home in Beaudesert on July 16

Onyx’s family has accused the school of failing to stop the bullying

‘They called her a weirdo and a goth-wannabe,’ Ivy said.

The bullying escalated last August when a pack of girls allegedly confronted Onyx in the school bathrooms.

‘The school said they would “handle it” but there’s never been any consequences for the pack of girls who tried bashing him in the school toilets last year,’ Ivy said.

‘After that we were lucky if he went to school twice a week.’

The family is now seeking justice for what they claim was a lack of duty of care towards Onyx, who had wanted to become a vet when he grew up.

‘We haven’t received any support from the school… the teachers have been instructed not to discuss it with students either,’ Ivy said.

‘I got blocked when I contacted the school’s official Facebook page.’

After being contacted by Daily Mail Australia, principal Grant Stephensen extended his support to the family and sent an email to Onyx’s parents – backdated to just a few days after Onyx’s death.

The family say Onyx would start shaking if he was forced to go to school

The Queensland teenager was allegedly set upon in the school toilets

‘Please know that your family is in our thoughts at this time,’ the letter to Ivy began.

‘My staff and I have been deeply impacted by this.

‘We have been given pause to reflect and want to ensure Beaudesert SHS is a safe place for students to learn. Your voice is an important part of our reflection.’

Mr Stephensen also contacted students’ parents via email inviting the children to speak to counsellors about their feelings.

‘The school has put in place a process that allows students an opportunity to talk about their thoughts and feelings with trained professional staff,’ the email read.

‘Guidance officers will be available in the school should your child require further advice or support.’

A Queensland Department of Education spokesperson confirmed allegations of bullying at Beaudesert State School were being looked into and that staff and students had been offered support.

‘Staff and students close to the student were spoken to directly, while others were informed at assemblies or through information sent to parents,’ the department said.

‘The school has been in regular contact with the student’s family and is also speaking with local elders.’

The department went on to say that guidance officers and support staff remain available through the school’s wellbeing centre.

‘Beaudesert State High School has extensive support measures in place to assist students and families and encourages anyone with concerns to contact the school leadership team,’ it said.

In the days since Onyx’s death, Ivy has launched a petition on drawing attention to schools that aren’t doing enough to project students from bullies.

‘Our children are committing suicide and drowning in mental health issues from bullying at school and on the internet,’ the petition states.

‘Once I have collected enough signatures, I will be forwarding to the Board of Education, parliament members, local schools and local members.

‘If we all come together, we can change the way our children are treated in the future.’

She has also launched a GoFundMe to help her family raise funds for Onyx’s funeral, which takes place this Saturday.

About $4,000 has been raised so far, above the $2,000 requested, with the money left over to be donated to Suicide Prevention Australia.

‘Mum tried so hard to help [Onyx] with numerous counseling appointments, doctor’s appointments, calling the school constantly,’ Ivy said.

‘I’m hoping to take as much stress off her as possible.’

For confidential support call Lifeline 24-hour crisis support on 13 11 14

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