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OnlyFans user Crystal Jackson says she was outed by ‘mean mom’ at kids’ school

The California OnlyFans user whose children were kicked out of Catholic school over her racy online activity said she was outed by a “mean mom.”

Crystal Jackson – known as Tiffany Poindexter, or “Mrs. Poindexter” on the OnlyFans app – said a fellow parent at her kids’ former elementary school printed out sexy snaps from her account and passed them out all around Sacramento.

“She’s a horrible human being,” Jackson told Barstool Sports on Wednesday.

The 44-year-old said she had an OnlyFans account for about a year before a dad at the school came across her page.

The administrators at the school and the city’s diocese were fine with it — until the “mean mom” stepped in, Jackson said.

The woman — who Jackson described as “super wealthy, white privilege, not used to people telling her ‘no’” — got “really pissed” and took screenshots of pictures from the site.

She texted them out to people in their area, and in some instances, printed them out and mailed them to the school and diocese, Jackson said.

“Everybody in the community… all these mom have basically seen them,” she said.

The fellow mom thinks its “disgusting and disturbing” — but was also so obsessed with Jackson’s online activity she created a fake Instagram account to follow her after being blocked.

“They’re upset I’m naked but I’m not the one who showed (the images),” Jackson said.

In January, after offering to leave the school but not hearing back, Jackson said she was removed as the 2nd grade classroom mom because of this other woman who “has it out for me.”

Jackson said her three young kids were eventually kicked out of Sacred Heart Parish School after she spoke out about being “bullied” by fellow parents in February.

Asked if she’d spoken to the mom who revealed her account, Jackson replied, “Hell no.”

But she played a nasty voicemail she says the woman’s husband left her after she sicced her lawyers on them for sharing her content without permission.

“Her husband texted me and left a voicemail yelling at me, drunk, (saying) how horrible I am, how I’m an embarrassment to the community and school,” Jackson said.

“But you guys are the ones that took everything and passed it around!”

Jackson has said that she would continue to post on her OnlyFans page and that she is applying to send the kids to another school.

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