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O.J. Simpson 'should have died of Covid', victim Ron Goldman's dad says & admits he thinks it's a 'shame' he didn't

FRED Goldman has declared it a "shame" that O.J. Simpson was not one of the people who has passed away from COVID, after The Juice claimed he considered death while battling the disease last year.

Goldman – the father of Ron Goldman, who, in 1994, was found murdered at a Los Angeles home along with Simpson's ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson – made the comments in an interview with the New York Daily News.

Simpson was acquitted of the vicious stabbing murders of Brown Simpson and Goldman, but still-grieving Goldman admitted that he was disappointed the virus had not taken the former NFL star.

Goldman, 80, said: “Out of all the people who’ve passed away from COVID, what a shame he wasn’t one of them.

“I certainly don’t think he deserves any sympathy. He’s alive, he’s free. He can do anything he wants. Everything my son can’t do."

Goldman's comments came after Simpson said in an interview with The Athletic, published Friday, that he had a severe case of COVID-19, which left him gasping for air and worried for his life.


Simpson, 74, said: “When I had COVID, I almost couldn’t get out of bed.

“I made it to my balcony, trying to breathe. I couldn’t catch my breath.”

The scare, Simpson added, caused him consider his own death for the first time.

The former NFL MVP said: "I felt vulnerable and for the first time thought I might be near the end.

"Since that day, I have wondered, Do I want to be buried? Do I want to be cremated? Years ago, I would have left it up to Nicole because I know she would have done the right thing."


Goldman, responding to the comments, said that it struck a chord with him that Simpson hadn't thought about death before.

"I think about his death all the time. I can think of no one better suited to be underground," Goldman said.

Simpson is currently on parole for an armed memorabilia heist that landed him in a Nevada prison for nine years.

A civil jury also found him liable for the deaths of Brown Simpson and Goldman in a multimillion dollar judgement, which still hangs over the star's head.

Simpson, however, said he is "living a good life now," playing golf and eating out in Las Vegas.

Fred Goldman agreed Simpson probably is living comfortably, stating, “Yes he’s got an enviable situation. He got away with murder.”

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