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Nigel Farage pelted with milkshake during election trail in Newcastle

NIGEL Farage was hit by a milkshake while on the election trail in Newcastle today.

The Brexit Party leader was left covered in the drink after the attack unfolded before being whisked away by his security.

The person believed to be responsible was seen being dragged away from the scene by a Police Community Support Officer.

Mr Farage could be heard asking his security: "How did that happen?"

Members of the public could be heard laughing as Mr Farage was led from the city square this afternoon.

The politician is understood to have been giving a speech to supporters at Monument when he was attacked.

As he was whisked from the scene, Mr Farage could be seen trying to wipe off the dairy dessert from his blazer as he was led from the scene.

He was visiting the North East as part of a whistle-stop tour of the UK with Brexit Party candidates standing in the European elections when he was attacked.

He becomes the latest high-profile politician to be slammed with a milkshake on the European election campaign trail.

Far-right hot head Tommy Robinson had two chucked at him in two days while he was campaigning to be an MEP in Bury and Warrington.

His cronies then jumped on top of the aggressor and punched him. The man who threw the punch over him said he'd got death threats afterwards too.

The Brexit Party had been hosting a walkabout on Northumberland Street from 12.50pm and 1.50pm today ahead of fighting its first election on Thursday.

The former UKIP leader is on course to ­virtually wipe out the Tories, ­according to a shocking new poll by the Sunday Mirror.

Nine out of 10 Brexit Party voters choosing him on Thursday promise to also do so in a General Election – which could leave just two Conservative MPs in Parliament.

The decision to hold a European election came down to the delay in the UK not exiting the EU until October.

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