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Nigel Farage insists NEITHER Boris nor Hunt have the guts to deliver Brexit by October 31

NEITHER Boris nor Hunt have the guts to leave the EU by October 31, Nigel Farage has blasted.

The Brexit Party boss, who has taken his seat again as a member of the European Parliament, said he didn't trust either of the Tory leadership hopefuls to leave on time as promised.

Mr Farage, who has hinted he may be able to work with the two PM wannabes if they get us out on time, attacked them both for saying they would replace the hated Northern Irish backstop – even though they both voted for a deal with it in.

On Good Morning Britain today, Mr Farage said: "I was astonished yesterday, both of them were in Belfast talking about this tricky issue of the Irish backstop.

"Boris said it was totally unacceptable at every level and Jeremy Hunt said he's going to change it.


"What they didn't tell the audience is that Hunt voted for it three times, and Boris having twice voted against it, on the third time of asking, then voted for it."

He said that the two men were "desperate" to get to No10 and would do or say anything to get there.

"I think what you're seeing are two men desperate for the top job, prepared to say anything to please any audience," he added.

"I'm not convinced that either of them will deliver Brexit by October 31.

"I really am not convinced they have it in their hearts.

"They both want the top job but I don't think either of them, truthfully, have got the guts to deliver Brexit."

Mr Farage defended his party's antics yesterday in the EU's Parliament where he and the rest of his MEPs turned their backs when the bloc's anthem was sung.

And he said he would not be an "appeaser" of its "illegitimate" rules.

"I'll fight it for Britain," he vowed.

"[The EU are a] bunch of people we can't vote for and can't remove.

"There is no democracy – no one ever voted for a flag, an army or a new state."

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