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My neighbours hate the ‘baby poo’ colour of my council house but I LOVE it… I think their houses are boring

A MUM who lives on a "baby poo" housing estate insists she LOVES the colour of her house.

Ella Koca is a resident of a West London estate where only council homes were daubed with the unsightly yellow paint.

Residents initially fumed at the paint job, bought in in 2019 and 2020, and now say that it has divided their neighbourhood, separating the rich from the poor.

One woman was so upset when the decoration was bought in she tired to paint over it herself – but was slapped with a £1,600 fine.

Hounslow Council homes were painted a “baby sick” yellow, with some featuring a maroon panel around their front doors – said to allegedly mirror the straw-yellow and red brick work of the original buildings. 

The Sun understands the colour was a result of fresh flame-proof cladding, as well as insulation to help keep the houses warm.

The colour scheme was only applied to council properties, with private homeowners keeping the brick and neutral-coloured visages.

But while some residents compared it to the colour of POO – 47-year-old Ella Koca said she likes the home's unique appearance.

Mum-of-one Ella said: "I moved in a year ago, so the house was already like this – but for me, personally, I like it.

"It's like a sunny colour, I don't have a problem with it at all. I like it, yes I do."

Ella, who lives at the home in Isleworth with her son Justin, 10, admitted when she first moved in the colour struck her as unusual and agreed that it was a "bold choice".

She said: "Yes, that is true – it's a bold choice. But I don't mind at at all, no I don't.

"I think it looks better than just like grey houses, that's what I think."

She added: "I remember reading on Facebook about how people didn't like this colour. A long time ago, about the colour.

"But just have a look at this yellow colour, and then – bricks – the yellow is much better. 

"It's pretty and sunny and then you have just grey bricks!"

But others branded it "repulsive".

Tracey Gray, a 58-year-old carer said: “I’m not being funny, the colour, it’s repulsive. Just repulsive.

“The worst thing is, a few weeks before they did my house they painted one down the road the same colour.

It's like a sunny colour, I don't have a problem with it at all. I like it

"I thought ‘God, I couldn’t stand to wake up every day and look at that – and now I do, and my neighbours do’.”

A few years on from the renovations, people living on the estate told how it had made council renters stick out.

Julia Higgins, 63, who works as a carer, said: “I think a lot of people are up in arms about it because people said they bought their properties.

But when they started painting it, it told people that they hadn’t – so that came to light."

She added that while she isn't too bothered about the colour itself, she is not sure if it was carried out "sympathetically" by council bosses.

Resident Mariam Ahmedi, 47, said: “It separates the people.

"Everyone knows these houses are for council housing. 

“People know, the people living in this house are renting off the council – nowadays everyone can tell."

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