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Mum of Britain’s youngest suspected coronavirus victim says she’s terrified she’ll lose her eight month old son – The Sun

THE mum of Britain’s youngest suspected coronavirus victim told The Sun last night: “I’m terrified for my little baby.”

Stephanie Adlam’s tot James was treated for a leg injury by a doctor who has the killer virus.

The mum of two, 28, is anxiously awaiting test results after eight-month-old James developed symptoms in Worthing, West Sussex.

She added: “I have to live every moment wondering if he might die.”

Stephanie was told by medics that eight-month-old James came into “direct, significant contact” with a doctor who is infected.

The tot has since had severe symptoms, including a sweltering temperature, coughing fits, runny nose and extreme fatigue.

Mum-of-two Stephanie is due to receive test results tomorrow to find out if he or she have the virus, which has killed  1,710 worldwide.

The pair are holed up in their flat in Worthing, West Sussex — both wearing masks after being told by experts to self-isolate.

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