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Mounted police chase after driver and reprimand him for using phone

Undercover clops! Moment mounted police chase after driver and reprimand him for using mobile phone at the wheel

  • Police officers on horseback were filmed confronting a driver on his phone 

Police in Devon have released hair-raising footage of a high speed horse chase involving mounted officers and the driver of a car who was using their phone. 

In the short clip posted to social media, two officers can be seen patrolling East Reach in Taunton when they spot something odd. 

After noticing that a driver on the other side of the road is on their mobile phone, the two officers trot into action and turn the animals around following in hot pursuit. 

After cornering the driver in an alleyway, one officer says: ‘You know you shouldn’t be using your phone?’ 

Confusedly, the driver tries to engineer an excuse, replying: ‘No, no music. I have a problem.’ 

The police officers spotted a driver using his phone at the wheel from their horses 

The officers spot the car and quickly give chase on their mounts to administer justice 

After cornering the driver, they patiently explain why he shouldn’t be on his phone 

It is an offence to use a mobile phone whilst operating a vehicle. 

The officer patiently explains: ‘But you’re driving and you’re on your phone and I can see that there’s a phone call going.’ 

Explaining what happened to the driver afterwards, ASPolice Roads Policing said in a statement: ‘ Officers from AS Police Horses have been supporting Operation Telecom, our operation to clamp down on the risk posed by drivers who use their phone at the wheel. 

‘This driver was sighted & stopped on East Reach, Taunton. Drivers face 6 points & £200 fine if caught using a phone.’

Reacting to the policing on Twitter, many people were enthused by the slickness of the operation. 

One said: ‘More needs to be done about mobile phone use. It’s on the increase. See it all the time.’

Another said: ‘Love this . Goes to show just how slow travelling by car is sometimes when you get pullover over by the police on a horse.’

Others were more critical and questioned why the horses were being made to canter on the concrete roads. 

One said: ‘Please clamp down on horses cantering on the road! Doesn’t do them any good at all.’ 

Reaction to the operation was somewhat mixed 

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