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Monster stepdad 'killed adorable girl, 2, by battering her 60 TIMES just because she couldn't use potty properly'

AN EVIL stepdad is on trial in Russia for allegedly killing his two-year-old stepdaughter for failing to use her potty.

Anton Proskurin is accused of battering the two-year-old Knesnia Dubrovina 60 times in the head and body which caused her death.

The inhuman act occurred in the city of Tolyatti, western Russia, back in June 2019 but Mr Proskurin is now on trial for his alleged crimes.

The 40-year-old step-father is said to have attacked the child after she peed on the floor instead of using a potty.

The toddler, "whose head horribly swelled and looked like a balloon" was found by her mother Zinaida Proskurina, 25.

The mum, who was at work at the time of the alleged assaults, called an ambulance 24 hours after the two-year-old had stopped breathing, reports said.

Paramedics arrived and confirmed the girl had already passed away.

Shocked by the child's condition, medics immediately called the police, reports said.

Mr Proskurin was arrested and confessed to the crime in full.


Forensic examinations showed Ksenia was hit 20 times on the head and about 40 times all over the body which caused her to haemorrhage.

Mr Proskurin had been systematically assaulting the little girl during the last months of her life, investigators said.

The girl's mum reportedly knew about the abuse, which occurred over several months, but did nothing to protect her daughter.

She took pictures of the battered child instead and showed them to her friends saying "they were for the family’s album", witnesses said.


The mother also used make-up to disguise Ksenia’s bruises, according to reports.

Prosecutor Aleksandr Kanaev said to local media: “The violence against the girl lasted for months.

“Her parents treated her badly and beat her on every occasion.

“In May 2019 Proskurin violently pulled the child by arm and broke it. He did it to punish her after she fell over.”

The family’s friend Roman told the court: “Once Proskurin kicked Ksenia in the belly. She fell on to the floor and cried. Zinaida watched then laughed.

“I started protesting but he said that the child was naughty and needed a lesson.”

Zinaida, who worked as a saleswoman at a liquor store, is under investigation at the moment for failing to fulfil parental duties.

Anton Proskurin, who is a security guard, is accused of the murder of a minor committed with particular cruelty.

He faces life in prison if found guilty.

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