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Miami collapse – DOZENS of Florida condo units declared unsafe as panicked residents flee building

PANICKED residents in Florida have fled their buildings as dozens of condos have been declared unsafe.

It comes amid fresh building scrutiny across the country over potential hazards after the Miami building disaster, where at least 18 people have died with 149 still being unaccounted for.

72 residents in a Florida condo had to leave their home on Wednesday after an engineering report deemed the building unsafe, reports Fox35.

The county has posted notices in the three buildings, urging residents to avoid entering.

Officials at Osceola County were informed that "walkways are in danger of collapse and could represent a threat to the safety of the public."

"Osceola County acted quickly in the best interest of public safety by declaring the structures unsafe on Wednesday morning, which was an immediate action after it learned of the engineering report performed on behalf of the Condominium Association/management company," Osceola County spokesman Mark Pino told the outlet.

He added that the inspection of the building was initiated prior to the Surfside disaster and that the safety issues are related to the breezeways to the units and not the structure of the building.

It comes among heightened fears about the buildings' infrastructure after the tragedy in Surfside, Florida last week, where part of a building collapsed.

Shocking pictures show the extensive flood damage inside the apartment block just 36 hours before it collapsed while a video taken moments before the tragedy shows water flooding into the garage.

As of Wednesday the death toll was 18 people, including  two children aged four and 10.

 149 people are still missing.

A 2018 report revealed the apartment building had "major structural damage" and needed widespread repairs but the official who signed off the building said it appeared to be "in very good shape."

It has been revealed that the owners of the 12-story apartment block had been warned that around $15million in repairs were needed just weeks before the collapse.

Miami authorities are conducting an investigation into the Champlain Towers South Condo collapse, though an official cause behind the devastation has yet to be determined.

Meanwhile, terrified nearby residents fear they might be next.

Residents at Maison Grande Condominium are reportedly worried about the building's structure as they shared pics of crumbling concrete.

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