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Meghan and Harry’s pals are toeing the line by attacking the monarchy in the press – The Sun

ON Monday the Queen made a historic capitulation to the two most selfish members of the Royal Family.

How was she repaid for such a personally devastating decision? A respectful public silence, you would imagine.

Ha, don’t be ridiculous! This is petty Prince Harry and duplicitous Meghan we are talking about.

So on Tuesday morning, the Monarch woke up to yet another blistering attack on her institution as “toxic” by friends of these professional victims in People magazine.

This was, after all, Meghan’s fave celeb mag where five of her closest pals had earlier revealed details of a letter she sent to her father Thomas Markle, almost certainly with her permission.

Was the latest attack in People approved by Meghan directly? I can’t prove that but I have my suspicions.

Her friends are so terrified of being ghosted by a woman famous for dropping people – including her own family members – for even the smallest indiscretion that it’s very unlikely they’re going to go rogue during such an important week.

Prince Charles needs to man up and take some responsibility for this mess too. For the past few years, he’s become increasingly jealous of the star power of his two sons and moaned about the media attention they receive.

That meant when the Prince of Wales needed to step in and calm such a sensitive situation, Harry and Meghan didn’t trust him.

So where to now? My analysis is that the Sussexes will get virtually everything they wanted. They’ll keep the funding from Charles. They’ll keep the Frogmore mansion. They’ll probably even keep their HRH titles.

All while being able to sell themselves and the Sussex Royal brand to the highest bidder.

The only responsible course of action is for Harry and Meghan to realise they must relinquish their HRH titles and take no money from the public or Prince Charles. The chances of that?

As likely as Meghan giving up on her penchant for allowing her friends to slag off her two families in People magazine.

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