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Map reveals most stressed cities in UK where you're at risk of burnout

IF you're feeling stressed out at work, it might have something to do with where you live.

A new nationwide study of employees across the country has revealed the most stressed out cities in the UK.

It comes as the World Health Organisation announced this week that it would officially classify burn-out as a disease.

Research has found that Cardiff is at the highest risk of burn-out, with almost a quarter of residents being signed off in the last year.

Employees from Newcastle came in second place, with as many as 21 per cent having had to take a break from work because of stress, followed by those living in Edinburgh at 20 per cent.

Almost a third of residents in Cardiff said they constantly feel stressed and anxious about work, while 28 per cent admit they struggle to sleep because of worries about their job – that's compared to a national average of 21 per cent.

What are the 8 telltale signs of a burnout?

While a little bit of work-related stress can be managed from time to time, constant stress can cause a range of health worries including stomach ulcers, chronic pain, depression, failed relationships and a dependence on alcohol and other drugs.

Here are the key signs you could be on the verge of burning out:

  1. Poor sleep
  2. An unsettled stomach and poor digestion
  3. High blood pressure
  4. Constantly thinking about work when at home
  5. A snappy and irritable mood
  6. Never having enough time for work deadlines, projects, family or even yourself
  7. Poor concentration
  8. Socialising less

Perhaps surprisingly, London only came tenth in the poll of 2,000 working Brits by flexible fitness network Hussle.

But the survey showed work stress is a nationwide problem, with 32 per cent claiming to have a poor work/life balance.

More than a third said that not enough time to be with friends and family, children or maintaining relationships were the main problems.

One in ten of those polled say they have had their holiday ruined by work stress, and 15 per cent admit they constantly think about work.

A quarter say they have no time to exercise and stay fit, and 27 per cent have had to give up hobbies and pastimes because of the all-consuming nature of their work.

Nine out of 10 polled felt there is more pressure on young people to have the perfect career, relationship or life than there used to be, while 87 per cent said this pressure to live the perfect life comes from social media.

Jamie Ward, CEO of Hussle, said: "It’s interesting to see how many young Brits feel completely stressed out by the complexity and multi-tasking nature of today’s world.

"As the study has discovered we might not be working as many hours as our parents’ generation but we’re certainly feeling the pressure."

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