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Lotto winner scoops £500k… you'll never guess what he did with it

A LOTTO winner has been branded a local hero after it was revealed that he gave away ALL of his £500k winning jackpot to help friends and strangers struggling in Covid lockdown.

Peter Charleton, who won the Tatts Lotto in Australia, said he didn’t feel comfortable keeping the money and instead decided to generously distribute his new found fortune to those “struggling finally and emotionally.”

Speaking as part of a 7news YouTube series called ‘My Big Story,’ the Dad revealed that he had initially bought three tickets in memory of his late uncle Charlie – who had passed away from a terminal illness just a short time before.

The pair had reportedly shared a close bond over the experience of playing Lotto as Peter later claimed that “maybe Uncle Charlie pulled some strings on his way out,” after scooping the jackpot win.

But what happened next soon shocked the local community as Peter started to reach out to  friends, family and eventually strangers – offering to pay them free money into their bank accounts.

Peter explained: “My theory on it was that I’ll share it around and once it’s gone it’s gone.

“Rather than people thinking I’m sitting on my goldmine, I felt more comfortable knowing that I had given it all away.”

“So my mission was to get rid of the money before they realised that I’d won the Lotto.”

Trying to keep his winnings in the dark, Peter anonymously messaged his followers on Facebook with the generous proposal.  

While some gleefully took up his offer with open arms, others were harder to convince – believing he was a “scammer.”

“It was hard work getting bank details off people as they are accustom to scams and things that go on the internet,” Peter said.

“Most people conclude that if it sounds too good to be true then it probably it was.”

“It was hard work,” he added.

But it didn’t curtail his efforts as Peter started to widen his giving spree as he placed $1,000 on local pizza restaurants on tabs for people to enjoy.

He also proceeded to venture into express checkouts at supermarkets – paying for their shopping as he went about his daily business.

He has since concluded, having admitted to his regrets about his own "past behaviour" that he simply enjoys helping people.

He said: “There’s such a pleasure in being kind and if you are in the position to do it then I think you are mad if you don’t.

“We are in this together and we have to look after each other where and when we can.”

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