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London Bridge attack hero could be released early from prison after Queen's intervention

UK police identify London Bridge terror attack victims

Two Cambridge University graduates were killed by a terrorist wielding kitchen knives; Gillian Turner reports.

A convicted murderer in England who was praised as a hero after helping to stop the London Bridge terror attack last year could have his sentence cut after Queen Elizabeth intervened.

Steven Gallant, 41, jailed for 17 years in 2005 for the murder of an ex-firefighter in Hull, was on day release attending a prisoner rehabilitation event when he came across attacker Usman Khan.

Police said Gallant used a narwhal tusk to help restrain Khan after he had started stabbing people on the bridge, killing two.


Khan, armed with a fake suicide vest and two knives, killed Saskia Jones and Jack Merritt. He was killed by police.

The Ministry of Justice said Queen Elizabeth employed the little used “Royal Prerogative of Mercy” to bring Gallant’s case before the parole board 10 months early.

The parole board has the final decision.

According to Sky News, Gallant has reportedly expressed remorse for the slaying of Barrie Jackson, who was beaten to death outside a pub. Gallant has also not faced any loss of privileges over the past 10 years, addressed previous substance abuse and is studying for a business degree.

David Merritt, the father of one of the terror attack victims, told the Daily Mirror that Gallant “fully deserves this pardon, or reduction in sentence.”

According to reports, Gallant had become friends with Jack Merritt after they met through his role at a rehabilitation service, mentoring the convicted killer behind bars.

“It is fantastic. He was very close to Jack and he turned his life around and reformed,” David Merritt said. “I am really pleased for him.”

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