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Jimmy Page and Robbie Williams may restart feud amid basement plans

Rumble On! Led Zeppelin star Jimmy Page may restart long-running feud with Robbie Williams after his singing neighbour submitted new plan for basement building work

  • The ex-Take That star wants to build an underground pool at his London home
  • Williams has submitted plans for the extension at his listed house in Holland Park
  • This has brought him into conflict his neighbour, Led zeppelin star Jimmy Page
  • Page complained vibrations from the 46 weeks of works could damage his home

Robbie Williams has submitted a new planning application around his controversial extension which could restart his feud with rock star neighbour Jimmy Page.

The ex-Take That pop star is attempting to resolve conditions including showing how vehicles will access the building site during the construction of an underground pool.

The Angels singer has been locked in a bitter row with the Led Zeppelin guitarist, who penned hit song Ramble On, over his bid to make the addition to his Grade II Listed home.

The musicians, who live next to each other in exclusive Holland Park, central London, have come to blows as Page fears vibrations from the excavation works could damage his own home.

Although William’s would eventually get it approved in 2019 after a five year battle, Page had one victory when it was ruled the builders could only use hand-held tools to excavate the basement – massively increasing the price of building work.

Works are expected to take 46 weeks – including site set up and enabling works, piling and underpinning, top down slab construction, excavation and propping, concrete box and waterproofing and fit out.

Robbie Williams wants to build an underground swimming pool at his home in central London

A letter sent out by Barton Engineers to William’s neighbours said: ‘We would like to reach out to you and residents within the area.

‘To make you aware and receive comments on the proposed Traffic Management Plan for works to be undertaken to the property from Spring 2022.

‘We would like all residents to contact us with comments on the above document.’

In planning documents the London-based engineering and design company confirmed: ‘No further comments were received.’

The plans have brought him into conflict in the past with his neihgbour, legendary Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page

The feuding rock stars have previously rowed when Williams applied to install the single story basement under the garden of his £17million pad, including a pool and spa facilities.

The Stairway to Heaven guitarist objected fearing it would damage delicate artwork in his Grade-I Listed mansion next door.

Page, who has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice, told the council in 2018 that he would ‘fight against a new threat’ for the house he has lived in since 1972.

But now, as Williams plans vehicle access to the site, he seems to have broken through resistance.

The pop star is set to employ two full time trained Traffic Marshals who will ensure everyone passing the site can do so in a safe way.

One will look after school children, pedestrians and other vulnerable uses while the other will look after vehicles visiting the site.

Since Covid, Robbie had been renting the property out to The Ivy restauranteur Richard Caring, and moved to Zurich, where he now owns a luxury mansion (his home is pictured during prior renovations in 2016)

Current plans, which cost £34 to file to the council, said: ‘There are no abnormal loads planned for this project.’

But the largest proposed vehicle to use the loading area is 2.55m – which includes an 11-metre lorry.

For 11 weeks there could be as many as 12 vehicles a day, with 80 per cent of these HGVs.

Construction traffic will be restricted to between 9.30am and 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.

All loading and unloading will be done at the back of Williams’ house – away from Page’s property.

But three parking bays in this area are set to be suspended to allow vehicles to pass parked lorries.

Previously Page (his house is pictured) hotly contested the application, saying even the tiniest of vibrations could ruin his own Grade I-listed building in west London, and its fragile ancient paintings and frescoes

Spoil will be removed in lorries and skips while concrete will be delivered by truck and pumped onto site with hoses built into the hoarding to avoid trip hazards.

Scaffolding will be erected at the rear of the property and all skips will be removed on the same day as they are delivered.

This comes as Page also applies for planning permission – to trim and reshape a bay tree in his garden.

The rock star’s fragrant tree on the right side of his property is healthy and does not cause any damage to his house.

Page completed the application in cursive – rather than the council-required block capitals.

He is awaiting an inspection in June.

Page’s mansion was previously owned by poet John Betjeman and Dumbledore actor Richard Harris.

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