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Jeremy Corbyn ally ‘sang “Hey Jews” to Beatles hit Hey Jude as Labour MP called colleague a “p**f” on races bus trip’ – The Sun

A JEREMY Corbyn ally sang "Hey Jews" to Beatles hit Hey Jude while a Labour MP branded his colleague a "p**f" on a bus trip, it is claimed.

Dan Carden, who served in Corbyn's shadow cabinet before Parliament dissolved, is accused of singing a vile version of the song on a raucous coach trip back from Cheltenham races.

BuzzFeed News claims a reporter overheard the slurs while sitting behind Carden and former Labour whip Conor McGinn on a private bus full of Labour MPs and journalists.


The pair reportedly blared music from their phones throughout the two-and-a-half-hour ride to London on March 15, 2018.

Carden – a rising star who served as the shadow international development secretary – allegedly replaced the word “Jude” with “Jews” during the chorus of "Hey Jude".

The reporter claims that when the chorus reached the word “Jude”, Carden chanted at the top of his voice: “Jews, Jews, Jews”.

They also alleged that former Labour whip McGinn, 35, repeatedly described a male Labour colleague who had slumped onto him while sleeping as a "p**f".

Carden, 33, today addressed the claims again, tweeting he had already been "categorical" in his denial.

The latest allegations against senior Labour figures adds to a number of candidates already embroiled in slur scandals just a month before Britain heads to the polls.

Among them Ali Milani, who is fighting to oust PM Boris Johnson in his constituency of Uxbridge, West London, has admitted tweeting anti-Semitic remarks while a teenager and calling for Israel to be destroyed.

Gideon Bull, a councillor in Haringey, North London, was accused of calling a Jewish woman "Shylock". He has said he had no idea the word could be seen as racist and did not direct it personally at anyone.


A spokesperson for Carden said: “Daniel Carden has been a committed campaigner in support of LGBT rights and against all forms of racism and hatred, his entire political life. As a homosexual man he would never intentionally engage in homophobic, racist or anti-Semitic behaviour.

"Had there been genuine concerns as to Daniel’s behaviour then those concerns should have been raised at the time rather than some 20 months later on the eve of a general election.”

A spokesperson for McGinn said: “Conor’s record as a staunch supporter of the LGBT community speaks for itself. As an MP he led the campaign which delivered a monumental and historic change in the law to finally extend equal marriage to the whole of the UK.”

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