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Jeff Bezos teased over phallic-shaped rocket Blue Origin

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Jeff Bezos is getting shafted online over the shape of his big rocket.

“Is it me, or does Jeff Bezos’ rocket look like a giant penis?” one person tweeted alongside a photo of Blue Origin, the craft the 57-year-old world’s richest man will fly into space next month.

“I thought ‘penis’ as soon as I saw that image,” another person agreed, with numerous other tweets noting the phallic shape.

Others quickly suggested the historic rocket “looks like a giant sex toy,” with one writing, “It’s basically a giant flaming space dildo.”

“Madness flying about in a tin can shaped like a penis,” John Friel wrote.

Bezos on Monday made the surprise announcement that he would be on Blue Origin’s maiden voyage, joined by his brother, Mark Bezos, as well as an auction winner.

The siblings will be in the cockpit when Blue Origin shoots into the skies from Texas on July 20 for the quickie trip, which will last about 10 minutes.

Many of the jokes about the rocket’s shape came after former “America’s Got Talent” judge Piers Morgan tweeted a photo while praising the Amazon founder for having “the balls to match his brains.”

“By the shape of the rocket, it looks like the balls fell off,” one person quickly replied, while someone else asked, “But does the rocket have the balls to match it’s shape?”

Someone named Keith King suggested that the rocket should be named “USS Phallic.”

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