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Ivanka Trump ‘has an agenda’ and is ‘telling Donald to concede to Biden so SHE can run for president in future’

IVANKA Trump has quietly urged her father to concede the election to Joe Biden in hopes of potentially launching her own presidential run in the future, a new report claims.

President Donald Trump has staunchly refused to throw in the towel despite Biden being named president-elect on Saturday, sparking celebrations around the country.

But Ivanka has been trying to convince her father to gracefully admit defeat in hopes of one day sitting in the Oval Office herself.

A source with close ties to the Trump family told the Daily Mail that Trump's daughter "has her own agenda" and is thinking about "the big picture."

"Ivanka has her own agenda. She's has had her eyes on the desk behind the Oval Office since day one and she's not about to burn any bridges by mouthing off like Don Jr who keeps lashing out on Twitter," the source said.

"Everything she puts out is calculated and well thought out because she's always looking at the big picture."

She reportedly said during a senior staff meeting that it was an "honor to serve the people and people should be happy with what they accomplished."

Ivanka's husband – and senior White House adviser – Jared Kushner has also privately urged his father-in-law to bow out gracefully, pushing Trump to drop all of his election-related lawsuits and focus on a potential run in 2024.

The Trump insider claims the first family is fighting "a tug of war", with Jared and Ivanka on one side and Donald Trump Jr and his brother Eric on the other.

Ivanka apparently isn't the only Trump eyeing a White House run – Don Jr also wants a shot at the presidency, the source said.

But unlike her brother, Ivanka has Trump's full support, the source claimed, because he'll "do anything to see his princess follow in his footsteps."

"Donald likes to brag that they are like two peas in a pod and that just like him, Ivanka is a charismatic born leader that the people love," the source said.

"He prides himself on the idea that she too will one day be president."

As Trump continues to grapple with the election results, a "rogue staffer" claimed that the president "won't leave the White House in January" and "told aides to 'write his name on everything.'"

The allegations stemmed from an unverified Twitter account called Rogue POTUS Staff, which is manned by "Anonymous patriots."

The accusation was tweeted out days after Trump lost his presidential battle to Biden and claimed it was a "rigged" election with no evidence of widespread voter fraud.

The account then clarified that the event would be held at Whyte House Monograms in Chevy Chase, a small family oriented monogramming business, which bears no relation to the government

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