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Is this Britain's worst playground? Furious parents blast park as 'worse than CHERNOBYL'

FURIOUS parents have blasted a derelict playground for being "worse than Chernobyl".

Raging residents shared shocking pictures of rusted and broken climbing frames in a desolate concrete patch in Chelmsley Wood, North Solihull.

With burnt grass framing the edges and just mere poles still standing from what was once an apparatus, locals were quick to liken the playground to Chernobyl in Ukraine, obliterated in a nuclear disaster.

Simon Maslak playing on the town’s name wrote: “That awkward moment when we became Chernobyl Wood overnight.”

Andrew Wilkins said: “Looks like Chernobyl now.”

And Paul Yerbury added: “Trouble is the park in Pripyat is in better condition.”

Others called it "disgusting" saying it's not been touched for 30 years.

She said: “Absolutely disgusting. Whole estate needs cleaning up.”

Another wrote: “That park hasn’t changed since I was a kid over 30 years ago!”

Chelmsley Wood is a large housing estate that lies eight miles east of Birmingham city centre in the West Midlands.

The area has a bad reputation, and is associated with anti-social behaviour and crime, according to Wikipedia.

However, the area is undergoing the biggest redevelopment project in its history.

So far, a new large supermarket, a new library have been built and new schools have been built with many of the most run down properties demolished.

Now, the local council do have plans to redevelop the site, known locally as Simon Digby, and build 200 homes.

But some councillors have expressed their unease over the plans to build on meadowland.

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