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Horrific moment naked home invader holds gun to woman's head

Horrific moment naked home invader holds gun to woman’s head after breaking into her home and holding her and her elderly father hostage in San Diego

  • Newly released body cam footage from San Diego police show the heart-stopping stand off with half-nude home invader Demetrius Trussell, 40
  • Trussell held a 53-year-old woman hostage in her own home and put a gun to her head in what he told police was a ‘Mexican standoff’
  • Trussell had broken into and attempted to break into up to six homes in the 24-hours before the violent and lewd break-in that led to his arrest on April 9th
  • Trussell was out on parole at the time of the crime-spree and has two previous convictions for similar crimes
  • Up to seven shots were fired during the altercation, but nobody was hurt 

A standoff that ensued when a nearly naked home invader took a woman, 53, hostage and held a gun to her head in San Diego was captured on video.  

The break-in was around 1:30am on April 9th, on Viacha Drive in the Tierrasanta neighborhood of San Diego. 

Demetrius Trussell, 40, the alleged intruder, also is suspected in two break-in attempts, as well as the theft of a white minivan in the neighborhood on the same night. 

The video, released by the San Diego Police Department, begins with home-security footage showing a white minivan pulling into the driveway of a house.

Police squared off against Demetrius Trussell, 40, in the Tierrasanta neighborhood of San Diego as he held a 50-year-old woman hostage a gunpoint

Trussell attempted to break into two other residences before he arrived – half-naked – at the home on Viacha Drive and proceeded to terrorize a woman and her elderly father 

It then cuts to a 911 call placed at 2:18am.

‘Umm, hello?’ the homeowner says. ‘I have an intruder in the house that’s naked.’

She tells the dispatcher that her elderly father is also in the house with her. The dispatcher asks for clarity. 

‘The suspect, the black male’s nude, right?’ the dispatcher asks.

As cops approached the house and began to call to the residents barricaded upstairs, a loud bang and violent screams sent them smashing through a patio door to gain entry

In a call to 9ll, the female resident told dispatchers that Trussell was nearly naked and that she had found him masturbating in her bathroom

‘Well, he had shorts on, he was masturbating in the bathroom,’ the homeowner replies. 

The home-security video then shows squad cars arriving at the home at 2:25am, and police begin to surround the home. The video cuts to police body cam footage as they approach the back of the house. 

Police call to a second-floor room where the woman and the father have barricaded themselves, when a loud bang followed by the woman’s terrified screams prompts officers to smash through a sliding glass door to get in.

Police rushed through the house with guns drawn, while Trussell barricaded himself and the woman in an upstairs room. ‘We have a Mexican standoff,’ he called down to police

Trussell’s gun went off as he threatened to shoot his hostage in the kneecap. The woman called down to police, ‘The gun accidentally discharged. No one was hurt. But we know it’s live.’

They enter the home with their guns drawn and begin to climb the stairs, where Trussell can be seen backing into a room with a gun to the woman’s head.

Trussell barricades himself in the room with her and police begin to negotiate with him.

‘We have a Mexican standoff,’ Trussell tells police. ‘Cause I don’t have no way out, so I gotta take a hostage with me.’

‘I want you to back out, before I shoot her.’

Police armed with assault rifles and and shields pinned Trussell in place while other officers rescued the woman’s elderly father who had been left in another upstairs room

As police distracted Trussell inside, an Officer Richards scaled a neighboring house and was able to see Trussell through a window. Officer Richards fired 6 shots and Trussell surrendered

Trussell then threatens to shoot the woman in the kneecap, and she can be heard screaming, ‘No! No! Please God. Please God, No!’

Less than a minute later, a gunshot rings out from upstairs and the woman screams. 

‘What was that?’ the cops call. 

‘The gun accidentally discharged. No one was hurt,’ the woman replies, ‘but we know it’s live.’

While police in the house continue to reason with Trussell, an officer scales the side of the house and rescues the woman’s father.

Police swarmed up the stairs and cuffed Trussell, who was facedown outside the room where he’d held his victim hostage

Trussell was out on parole at the time of his crime spree. He has a previous conviction for a 2009 burglary, and a 2018 conviction for another break-in where the resident was home

Home-security footage then shows an officer climbing the roof of a neighboring house where he is able to see Trussell through a window.  The officer fires six times.

None of the shots hits Trussell, but he drops his weapon and surrenders to police. 

The video shows the woman fleeing down the stairs past a group of heavily armed officers. The police then charge up the stairs and cuff Trussell, who is facedown on the floor.

The revolver Trussell used was found discarded upstairs, its hammer cocked and ready to fire

Nobody was hurt, and Trussell was charged with 18 felonies, including hot prowl burglary (a break-in while a resident is home), kidnapping, indecent exposure, sexual battery and negligent discharge of a firearm.

At the time of the standoff, Trussell was reportedly on parole. 

In 2009, he was convicted of a North Carolina burglary, and in 2018, he was convicted of another residential San Diego hot prowl burglary, according to the San Diego Union Tribune.

The paper reported that Trussell is suspected of committing another four break-ins the day before the two failed break-ins and the April 9th standoff.

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